Joe and Kendra Duggar Just Got an Instagram — But Fans Had a Strong Warning For Them

Social media has become a big part of the Duggar family’s life. But up until yesterday, Joseph Duggar and his wife Kendra were not a part of the social media craze. Now, the two have officially made their Instagram debut, and their first photo is adorable.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Joe and Kendra Duggar on their wedding day | | Duggarfam via Instagram

Joe and Kendra tied the knot back in 2017

Joe and Kendra have a nearly four-year gap between them, but it didn’t stop the young couple from falling in love. The couple met about five years before they decided to enter into a courtship. According to Romper, the two ran in the same social circles at church, and at first, their relationship was very casual. After all, when they met, Kendra was only about 13. Once the two got older, Joe got permission from his parents to enter into a courtship with Kendra, and shortly after that, they were married. The two took an exotic honeymoon to Greece, and nine months later, they welcomed their first child — a son, Garrett David Duggar.

The Duggar’s typically join Instagram when they begin a courtship

Joe and Kendra were a little late to the Instagram party. Members of the Duggar family typically join the social media app once they enter into a courtship. It’s a way for family and friends to follow along with the lives of the Duggars as they enter into their next chapter. (That’s why when Jana Duggar finally got an Instagram, rumors immediately swirled that she was in a courtship; she wasn’t.) However, Joe and Kendra were in no rush to get on social media. It took nearly a year and a half of marriage, plus a new baby, for the couple to finally create an account.

Joe and Kendra kicked off their Instagram feed with an adorable photo of their son

The happy couple introduced themselves to the Instagram world by posting an adorable photo of their son. “We finally decided to get social media!” They captioned the photo. “Still trying to figure out how it works… Looking forward to keeping y’all updated on our little family.” Only 15 hours after the couple joined, they already had 135,000 followers. The Duggars are wildly popular on Instagram; Jessa Seewald has a whopping two million followers, while her sister Jill has 1.6 million and Jinger has around one million.

Fans warned the couple that Instagram can be a harsh place

Although the couple seems overjoyed to finally be getting involved with Instagram, fans of the two were quick to comment on their first photo, warning them that Instagram can be a hostile environment. “Please be careful, there’s a lot of very mean people on here,” one user wrote. “… Ignore the people who are hateful to or about you,” said another user. “… Please be careful here. A lot of very mean, judgmental, and disrespectful people here,” another warned. The couple seems excited to explore Instagram, but as with any celebrity couple, there will always be trolls. Hopefully Joe and Kendra can keep their heads up and ignore the haters.

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