Joe Russo Reveals the Smartest Character in the MCU: The Answer May Surprise You

Fans have been debating over the Avengers for years – ions before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was even a twinkle in Kevin Feige’s eye, Marvel lovers have been arguing over the “most” this or the “best” that. When it comes to determining who’s the most intelligent, the most acrobatically inclined, the most quick-tongued, every fan has his/ her own opinion. And, all Marvel enthusiasts will back up their reasoning with various comic book issues and movie instances. 

Joe Russo
Joe Russo | Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

When it comes to taking the title of the “smartest” MCU character, Tony Stark, Bruce, Banner, Hank Pym (if you don’t know who that last one is, are you even a real fan?), and Vision tend to come up quite frequently. 

Tony Stark built a super suit from scraps. Bruce Banner is an M.D./Ph.D, known for his mastery of nuclear physics. Hank Pym’s technological prowess is unrivaled, as he’s the MCU’s only entomologist who is also capable of reducing his entire laboratory to a carry-on sized suitcase. However, when it comes to choosing the smartest person in the MCU, The Russo Brothers named a much younger hero.

Joe Russo declares Shuri the smartest character in the MCU 

Whether you take The Russo Brother’s word or decide to stick to your own opinion is your prerogative; however, according to the Marvel director, Shuri outranks Banner, Pym, and Stark when it comes to brains. During an interview with Wired, Joe Russo stated:

“Shuri is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe. She is the sister of T’Challa, a princess of Wakanda, and she is the brains behind Wakanda’s incredibly advanced technology.”

Considering Shuri’s understanding of technology, there’s no denying this princess’s level of intelligence. Not only is she largely responsible for Wakanda’s standing as such an advanced nation, but she is also tasked with removing the sotne from Vision’s head while preserving his life. If Tony or Banner were more suited to the job, wouldn’t one of them have carried out the task? 

Do fans agree with Joe Russo’s decision concerning the smartest Avenger in the MCU? 

If you read through fan discussions concerning the smartest Avenger in the MCU, several fans lean towards Tony Stark and Hank Pym. One fan argues that Stark has shown more ability – more resourcefulness – while Shuri has displayed more signs of “raw” intelligence. The fan stated:

“Obviously Tony has had time to accomplish more. Shuri gets the benefit of all that nice Wakanda tech. Maybe Shuri has a higher raw genius, but Tony has shown ability more so far.” 

One fan, recounting Hank Pym’s sheer ability to shrink people to subatomic size, declared Pym the smartest, explaining:

“Anyone who can make a living person become smaller than subatomic particles and still live, is the smartest person in the world and even in the universe. No other tech is nearly as advanced as Hank Pym’s. None. Meanwhile, Shuri invention is helped much by Vibranium?” 

The fact that Shuri has Vibranium on her side leads many to believe that she has an unfair advantage. If removing her access to Vibranium, fans wonder if she would rival Stark and Pym.

Stark and Pym work with less developed technology and both accomplish feats that rival Shuri’s; thus, many Marvel enthusiasts question whether complying Shuri to others is fair? Should she be held to a higher standard? 

You may feel that Tony is the smartest Avenger, some of you may favor Pym, and a few of you may lean towards Banner. However, according to Joe Russo, that honor will always belong to the young, fierce, insightful, and talented Shuri.