John and Abbie Duggar Just Celebrated a Milestone in Their Relationship — Are Kids Next?

John David Duggar, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s second-oldest boy, wed Abbie Burnett in November 2018. Since then, fans have been waiting for the couple to announce a pregnancy. But John and Abbie have been doing things a bit differently and didn’t get pregnant right away. Now, the couple just celebrated a mini milestone in their relationship — are kids their next step?

John Duggar Abbie Burnett
John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett | John and Abbie via Instagram

John and Abbie Duggar courted for less than a month before their engagement

When it comes to courtships, the Duggars have been known to keep it short. Josh and Anna Duggar had the longest courtship, which lasted about two years, but no other Duggar has made it past the one-year mark. However, Duggar and Burnett didn’t even make it past the one-month mark, let alone one year. Apparently, the two had met several years before entering into a courtship, so they knew each other pretty well by the time they began dating. But not even four weeks passed before they were planning their 2018 wedding.

The couple just celebrated their six-month anniversary

Duggar and Burnett tied the knot last November, complete with the weirdest first kiss of all time and a “just married” plane ride. The couple appears to be enjoying life with just the two of them, possibly because they courted for such a short period of time that they want to spend some additional time together before starting a family. The two posted a six-month anniversary photo on their Instagram account on May 3, showing they’re clearly still very in love. “… What a joy to live life together in love, God is so good!” part of their caption read. The couple has spent time flying Duggar’s plane together, visiting family out of town, and practicing their religion.

The Duggar family announced Duggar and Burnett’s wedding on November 4.

Fans thought the two would announce a pregnancy shortly after their honeymoon  

Duggar and Burnett have taken fans by surprise with how long they’ve waited to have a child. While six months is nothing for most couples, the Duggars tend to get pregnant pretty much right after the wedding. Fans thought the same would happen for Duggar and Burnett, since Duggar is almost 30. But there was no announcement, and the two instead took a delayed honeymoon; they traveled to Finland in March. Fans were certain there would be a pregnancy announcement right after, but so far, the couple has remained quiet about any babies.

Duggar and Burnett are taking a different approach to starting a family

Although it’s common for the Duggars to get pregnant as soon as possible, not all of them have done it that way. Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo waited a while to start a family, and it looks like Duggar and Burnett are taking that different approach as well. It’s also possible the two started trying for a baby after their honeymoon and simply haven’t told the world yet that they’re expecting. Either way, we respect what they’re doing. Every marriage is different, and maybe Burnett just hasn’t gotten pregnant yet, despite wanting to. Either way, when they’re getting ready to welcome a child, we’re certain there will be an Instagram photo and blog post to announce it.

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