Fans Had a Lot to Say About John-David and Abbie Duggar’s Plug for the Movie ‘Unplanned’

John-David and Abbie Duggar recently commented on how much they enjoyed the movie Unplanned, which is about a woman’s struggle with working at Planned Parenthood after being asked to assist in an abortion on a patient who was a little more than three weeks pregnant.

The Duggars’ post led to a bit of a debate among the Instagram commenters. First, here’s what John-David and Abbie said about the movie: “We watched this film over the weekend, and it was one of the most impacting movies we have ever seen! No matter which “side of the fence” you are on, we encourage you to go see this!”

Many had strong feelings about Unplanned’s sensitive subject matter

Fans quickly weighed in on the issue, giving their two cents on abortion. One commenter, who goes by the name berntyson1, made a case for the responsible use of birth control instead of abortion. “I am for birth control. If you don’t want a child, in this day and age there are ways to not have a child. No matter what, an abortion is murder.”

Another person on Instagram, who goes by the name luvmyboys24, said she feels abortion can be prevented. Although she considers herself pro-choice, she did take issue with people who use abortion as a form of birth control. “I do consider myself pro-choice, but we need to be realistic about abortion and call it what it is–sad, devastating, and preventable. It should also be rare and not used as a way to right an oopsie… If you are worried about oopsies, prevent them! There are so many options now, there’s really no excuse anymore.”

Someone else chimed in, agreeing that birth control is a better alternative to abortion. She spoke about her frustration with the fact that some people who are pro-life do not believe in birth control, further complicating things. “Many pro-life people are also against the use of birth control. They promote abstinence instead. Again, you can’t force a value system on people. If someone isn’t ready to have children but is having sex, then birth control is a must so we can avoid “unplanned pregnancies” and possible terminations of said pregnancy,” said Instagram user Hope Anne 1969.

Not all the reactions to Unplanned were negative

Duggar sisters| Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images
Duggar sisters| Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images

There were fans who had something positive to say. Some people thanked Abbie and John-David for putting a spotlight on the movie. One Instagram follower named Rachel June Stein said she was moved by the film and found it difficult to watch. “I cried on and off during this movie! It was definitely a hard one to get though, but it was powerful and is a deep story to tell. Thank you for standing up for LIFE!!!” she said.

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