John Legend Sweetly Supports Chrissy Teigen After She Jokes About Deflated Implants

Anyone who follows Chrissy Teigen on social media knows she takes no prisoners. She either delights or infuriates people with her sassy, funny comments.

People enjoy the fact that she’s not afraid to make fun of herself, and she’s certainly not afraid to make fun of other people when they try to take her on. In a recent Twitter thread, Teigen made fun of herself and made a self-deprecating joke.

Teigen’s husband, John Legend, swooped in to support his wife and won the hearts of fans across the globe.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are Hollywood’s cutest couple

Teigen and Legend have been together since 2006 when she appeared in a music video for his hit song Stereo. Apparently spending 12 hours together during the filming of the video was a great start to their relationship.

They went out that very night. It was meant to be, and they got married in 2013. They went on to have a daughter, Luna, in 2016 and a son, Miles, in 2018. 

Teigen has been open about their struggle with infertility and her subsequent postpartum depression. Despite the day-to-day work of parenting and the other challenges they’ve gone through, they appear to be a supportive, loving, and reportedly a very nice couple

Chrissy Teigen opened up about breast augmentation

In a recent interview with Glamour UK, Teigen talked about her years as a model. During the conversation, she opened up about her breasts with her usual candor.

“Yeah, I did my boobs when I was about 20 years old,” she said. “It was more for a swimsuit thing. I thought, if I’m going to be posing, laid on my back, I want them to be perky! But then you have babies and they fill up with milk and deflate and now I am screwed.”

Since she’s not happy with how her breasts look now, she has considered having the implants removed and getting a surgical lift done. But those kids who ruined her previous boob job have clarified to her that it’s not worth to her to take the risk.

“I think, ‘This is not the way I want to die, in boob surgery,” she said.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s online conversation

Chrissy Teigen arrives at the Lip Sync Battle LIVE: A Michael Jackson Celebration at Dolby Theatre.
Teigen | Getty Images

When the interview came out, Teigen promoted it by tweeting a link to in on her active Twitter page. The link included a preview of the article, which included part of her quote about getting the surgery so her breasts would be perky. She added a wry comment: “narrator: they did not stay perky.”

While women the world over know how it feels to be unhappy with changes that pregnancy causes to the body, Legend was having none of it. He replied right away, assuring Teigen and the world, “They’re spectacular.”

The response was immediate and positive, with fans saying things like “Every woman needs a John,” as well as, “yep, that’s the right answer when you have two beautiful kids with someone,” and “What a great hubby!!” 

Some commented that they wished they had the same kind of encouragement in their own lives, saying  “OMG I need my own legend,” and “John, the kind of husband we all want and deserve.”

Legend and Teigen have had their share of sorrow and joy during their marriage, so it’s nice to see that they’re still on the same team. Not every Hollywood couple seems to be able to stay connected through the years but Teigen can count on her husband to have her back. And, apparently, her boobs.