John Mulaney and Pete Davidson’s Matching ‘SNL’ T-Shirts Are Total Friendship Goals

If this friendship couldn’t get more adorable, it just did. John Mulaney’s wife, Annamarie Tendler just became the third musketeer to make Mulaney’s friendship with Pete Davidson a trio.

Actually, recent Instagram posts showed how loved Davidson is with the Mulaney couple. Ever since Davidson started hanging out more with Mulaney his spirits seemed to have lifted. He appears to be working more at Saturday Night Live, plus he and Mulaney are treating fans in the Northeast to some gut-busting stand-up.

Annamarie Tendler and John Mulaney
Annamarie Tendler and John Mulaney/Getty Images

While the guys certainly seem to be tight, Tendler also appears to be close to Davidson too. And all the support from good friends has to feel pretty great.

Davidson endured an extremely dark period

Loved ones grew concerned when Davidson posted an ominous message to his Instagram. “I really don’t want to be on this Earth anymore. I’m doing my best to stay here for you but I actually don’t know how much longer I can last. All I’ve ever tried to do was help people. Just remember I told you so.”

Davidson and Ariana Grande had recently split and Davidson fielded considerable hate on social media. He also struggles with borderline personality disorder and Crohn’s disease.

He deleted his social media and took refuge in his newly formed friendship with Mulaney. The two bonded during a Steely Dan concert. “I’ve seen Steely Dan for 12 years and no one ever stands. Pete Davidson changed that tonight,” Mulaney hilariously tweeted.

In a recent Weekend Update sketch, Mulaney and Davidson’s funny performance was also a little touching. Mulaney reminded Davidson he was loved and valued, which of course stole the audience’s heart.

Their stand-up looks amazing

Mulaney posts scenes from backstage during his tour with Davidson. He showed a comparison between his dressing room (super neat and clean) versus Davidson’s dressing room (messy and chaotic).

The guys also swapped outfits for one show. Both have a signature style so they thought it would be funny to Freaky Friday their clothing (and attitudes). Davidson is seen in a crisp suit with perfect posture. Meanwhile, Mulaney is slouched, flipping the bird to the camera.

Reviewers are loving the combo stand up too. One reviewer observed how well the team’s opposite comedy styles compliment one another. The show is “technology-free” too which means phones and recording devices are banned.

Their growing friendship includes Mulaney’s wife

Tendler created a special (very cool) t-shirt for Mulaney to wear during his second SNL hosting gig, Mulaney appeared in the shirt during the cast finale and posted a picture of it to Instagram. “The greatest woman in the world made me a t-shirt for SNL GOODNIGHTS featuring the only good photo I have ever taken. Luckily it’s of her. Oh and after he saw it she made one for Pete too.”

Mulaney included two images with his post. One with his wife and another with the three friends. Of course Mulaney’s fans couldn’t get enough and begged for a shirt too.

Tendler showed on her Instagram that she and Davidson are pals too. “John and me and me and me and Pete,” she wrote, along with the same photo Mulaney posted. “Congratulations John! I’m lucky you’re my husband. And Pete, you’re not on social media but I’m lucky you’re my friend. It’s cool how we are all the same height.”

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