‘John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch’ Returns With New Specials on Comedy Central

Comedy fans have more John Mulaney content to devour as Comedy Central announced the network is developing two shows from his Netflix special, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch.

“Comedy Central today announced a deal with two-time Emmy® winning comedian John Mulaney. Mulaney will headline and executive produce two original Sack Lunch Bunch specials, including an upcoming holiday-themed one that will reunite the cast from the original hit,” according to a statement from Comedy Central. “The pact marks Mulaney’s return to Comedy Central where he last did a special in 2012.”

John Mulaney
John Mulaney | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Mulaney reflected on his return to the comedy cable channel.  “I was an intern at Comedy Central when I was barely older than the kids in the Sack Lunch Bunch,” he shared. “I wasn’t a very good intern, so I am psyched they hired me again. We are thrilled to bring these specials to Comedy Central: a place where I have had so many good times.”

John Mulaney is perfect to host a show for kids

Although he’s joked in his standup shows about not wanting to have kids, he really seems to understand the mind of a child. He often finds humor in their sometimes dark ways of thinking. During the special, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch he addresses and interacts with the kids as though they were small adults, giving them the respect and thoughtfulness most adults brush off.

In fact, Vulture sent a writer’s son to interview Mulaney when the Netflix special dropped in December 2019. The discussion, between Mulaney and the 10-year-old, sounded like two adults bantering away about music and culture, which is completely on-brand for Mulaney.

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During the discussion, Mulaney explained how he developed the series. “I was basing it off something I don’t know if you’ve ever read or come in contact with, ‘The Nutshell Gang,’ that series of books by Maurice Sendak,” Mulaney explained. “I became acquainted with them through the album Really Rosie, and I wanted something like that. And at Saturday Night Live, I had a sketch that was cut multiple times called ‘The Scrapyard Gang.'”  

Mulaney also featured regular kids (not actors)

Mulaney also shared during his discussion with Vulture how he chose the kids to be in the series. “I saw probably a hundred or so kids coming from all over,” he said.

“We were interested in young people who had some experience but were not too polished. I wanted to be talking with real kids — not that a polished actor child is not a real kid, but those that were just a little green in the best sense of the word,” he continued.

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“The Roundabout Theatre Company helped me because I was looking for more theater kids than kids that have done a thousand commercial auditions,” Mulaney added. “We got the 100 kids down to 30? 25? And then we made the hard decisions. It was kind of like putting together an SNL cast. Like Lorne would go, “That guy can play a senator, he can play a father.” Not that any of the kids could play a father. One of the proudest parts I am of this is the cast we put together. I take no credit for their talent.”