‘BIP’: John Paul Jones Is Allegedly Upset With Tayshia Adams

Trouble in paradise. It’s been just over a week since Tayshia Adams announced her split with John Paul Jones via Instagram on October 30. The pair met and hit it off on the Bachelor in Paradise beach this Summer, but it seems their love story was destined to be short-lived. Though Jones recently relocated to Los Angeles (very close to where Adams lives in Orange County) ultimately the former couple decided to pump the brakes on their relationship.

Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones at the Bachelor in Paradise finale
Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Tayshia Adams announces split with John Paul Jones

“We truly did the best we could, but at this time have decided that what is best for the both of us is to go our separate ways. We are the best of friends and will continue to remain in each other’s life because regardless of the situation, we make each other happy,” Adams wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post. But, it seems that Jones is less than happy with his ex-girlfriend as of late. In fact, Adams’ recent commentary about their relationship allegedly has Jones “not thrilled” with her.

Getting candid on the Bachelor Party podcast

Recently, Adams went on the Bachelor Party podcast where she got candid about her relationship with Jones. “I would never badmouth John. We both have our flaws. I think communication is a really big deal. I learned from a previous relationship that I’m very much so over communicative, but that’s all I can do. What he can do is listen to that and try to navigate that relationship with that information I’m giving him. If you’re choosing to have that stuff go in one ear and out the other, that’s on you,” Adams stated, implying that there may have been some communication issues that led to their relationship ending.

Adams continued on share that she was frustrated that people were reporting that Jones moved to Los Angeles to be with her. She shared that she would never ask someone she wasn’t super serious with to make such a huge leap for her. Instead, she cited Jones’ acting career as the reason for the relocation. Finally, Adams admitted that it was “fair to say” that she and Jones were simply on different pages at this stage in their lives.

Differences in age and maturity

“I told him, I’m like honestly, ‘I just want you to experience a little more life. I feel like you just need to live a little bit and learn a little bit because I feel like I can only do so much,’” Adams confessed. This statement was likely a commentary on the age gap and the difference of maturity between the ex-couple. While Adams is 29 years and has been married previously, Jones is only 24 years old.

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John Paul Jones is not thrilled

Though Adams didn’t say anything too out of pocket, Jones allegedly took offense to her comments. Us Weekly reported that a source reached out to them and shared some of Jones’ feelings. “John is not thrilled about Tayshia publicly airing her grievances on a podcast. JPJ broke up with Tayshia. He saw her one time after his move to Los Angeles on Friday, October 25. JPJ did not make the move to L.A. for Tayshia. He ultimately moved to L.A. to pursue his acting career. He has been auditioning like crazy and is excited for his next chapter,” the source shared.

JPJ allegedly unfollowed Adams on Instagram

Us Weekly also reported that Jones had unfollowed Adams on Instagram for a brief period of time also. Of course, we take “reliable sources” with a huge grain of salt, but we can see how Jones would be upset by Adams’ comments. But, if Adams’ Instagram post is to be believed, they’ll be able to work it out and continue on as friends.