‘John Wick 3’: How Are Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry Getting Ready for Action?

For fans of Halle Berry, it’s long overdue for her to star in a major film again after recently being in only sporadic projects. While her most high-profile movie of the last few years was arguably CBS’s 2014-15 Extant, she’s about to put her career back into high-gear. Part of this involves executive-producing a TV series and co-starring with Keanu Reeves in John Wick 3.

The John Wick franchise has been good to Reeves who also needed a new hit after spotty movie projects in the last decade. Having Berry and Reeves together in the upcoming second sequel sounds like match-up brilliance deserving of a casting director salary increase.

These intense films are still not for the fainthearted, something the two actors seem well-prepared for to take on.

Halle Berry wanted to act in one of the films, regardless of the script

It’s not often when an actor agrees to do a movie project without even reading the script. Once in a while, you hear stories like this, but not typically from an A-list actor with scrutinizing tastes.

Berry is obviously at a point in her career now where she does what she wants to do. She’s reportedly been a big fan of the John Wick films and agreed to doing #3 without giving the script a read.

We have a feeling she did give the script a read before signing on the dotted line considering how erratic some scripts are nowadays. According to Berry from an interview with Extra TV, she had good faith director Chad Stahelski would write something worthwhile.

Even more convincing to her was she knew Stahelski could get her into the proper physical shape to take on the role.

Just how intense are the workouts for the ‘John Wick’ franchise?

Berry had a lot of work to do to get ready for the part she’ll play. She’ll be playing a woman named Sofia who has a past with John Wick. With news the character also has a child in tow, we have to wonder if Wick has a son or daughter he didn’t know about.

Wick will apparently seek out Sofia’s help, meaning we’re likely going to see Reeves and Berry in plenty of heavy-duty action scenes. Anyone who’s seen the other two films knows how over-the-top the action sequences are, placing a huge burden on anyone getting in shape for them.

The best news of the above team-up is the willingness of Stahelski to add diversity to this action genre. With many action films still focusing on male protagonists, seeing a women make a difference in the plot makes these films different from the ordinary.

While Berry puts in time building her physique for this role, Keanu Reeves is doing the same thing at a heightened level.

Carefully choreographed violence

A lot of analysis is out there on what makes the John Wick franchise such a standout from other action films of recent years. One of the greatest elements is the violent and skillful choreography the films employ.

As a result, Keanu Reeves has to train almost like a ballet dancer or a soldier preparing for battle. His most recent training involved working with a military vet to learn various ambush maneuvers. Doing tactical training like this is about as intense as it gets when it comes to preparing for a movie.

Considering Reeves is 54 years old, this likely isn’t easy to do without feeling like wanting to stay in bed the next day. With Berry, though, she’s had a major workout routine going for years, making her long made for a part like this.

Hopefully the film won’t be afraid to show Berry’s character is in better shape than John Wick, even though both will have to go through hell and back.