‘John Wick 3’ Star Keanu Reeves Might Be the Nicest Person On the Planet

We frequently hear stories about how celebrities are just like us — only with money and fame. And while there are plenty of instances of kind things that your favorite stars have done for someone, it turns out that one celeb stands above the rest. Keanu Reeves, star of the new film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, is that person.

Reeves is a very likable star

Keanu Reeves attends the special screening of Lionsgate's John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum at TCL Chinese Theatre on May 15, 2019.
Keanu Reeves attends the special screening of Lionsgate’s John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum at TCL Chinese Theatre on May 15, 2019. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We all want to like our favorite celebrities in real life, but no one is perfect. Except, maybe, for Reeves? Time and time again, The Matrix star has outdone himself, showing a truly kind spirit toward everyone around him. The Canadian actor was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this month, and now, let’s honor him with proof that he’s an excellent person.

An extremely charitable act

Reeves could donate to charity like many other celebrities, but instead (or likely, in addition to) he has opted to make a more direct contribution. According to author Reza Aslan, the star purchased a property specifically for a community that needed a preschool, despite having no personal attachment to the situation.

He loves to sign autographs

SB Nation writer James Dator told his own personal story about meeting Reeves. In a long thread on Twitter, he wrote about how the actor came to see a film by himself, and Dator (an employee of the theater) tried to find a way to get his autograph. Reeves misunderstood the situation, but then figured it out, purchasing an ice cream cone just so he could sign the receipt and give it to Dator.

And take selfies with fans, too

Even the smallest moments matter to fans, though there are many actors who would simply brush them off. Not Reeves, who posed with this Twitter follower and even patiently waited while the young man took a second selfie, as his hand was shaking.

Reeves is a gentleman for sure

Sometimes, the proof is in the video. This one is many years old, but nevertheless, continues to circulate. It depicts Reeves sitting on the subway, noticing a woman standing next to him, and then offers her his seat. It’s simple, but pretty darn cute, and someone managed to (sneakily) catch it on video.

Clearly, he likes kids

Reeves is obviously a man who respects everyone, but it’s always extra special when you see a celebrity being generous with their time when it comes to children. Twitter user @tonyflohr wrote that he met Reeves at an airport when he was eight, and talked to him for an extended period of time.

Once, he assisted a future star

Finally, here’s a story that comes from another famous face in Hollywood. Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer once told a story about when she first arrived in Los Angeles, in which her car broke down and the only person who stopped to help her was Reeves. Ever since, she’s been a dedicated fan, saying that she attends the opening weekend of every film he’s in.

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