Johnny Galecki Reveals He Was a Bigger Emotional Mess Than Kaley Cuoco

Now that The Big Bang Theory has officially come to a close, we’re getting more details about the final days of taping. We are learning about how everyone felt during the last few days, and how it felt to say goodbye. During an interview on the red carpet for the wrap party, Johnny Galecki spilled the beans about which actor was the bigger emotional mess. And, it’s not who you might think.

From the moment CBS announced season 12 would be Big Bang’s last, cast members talked about how they thought Kaley Cuoco would handle the finale. Everyone was sure she would ball her eyes out. It turns out someone else on set needed all the extra tissues to wipe their tears.

Fans are going to miss ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Johnny Galecki
Johnny Galecki | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

It was almost 12 years ago when the pilot episode aired on CBS. Some of us remember tuning in just to see what David Healy (Galecki’s former character from Roseanne) was doing with a bunch of scientists. Most of us have been hooked ever since.

The series revolves around a bunch of genius nerds who are friends and colleagues. It doesn’t take long to realize that although they have a ton of book smarts, they don’t really have a clue about life or love. Bazinga! 

Every group of friends has that one friend. The one that is just a little too smart and awkward. With The Big Bang Theory, the whole group is smart and awkward. Except for Penny, played by Cuoco. She is your typical all-American girl-next-door type. And, yeah she really did live next door.

After Leonard, played by Galecki meets her, he spends most of the time vying for her attention. She ends up becoming friends with these guys and eventually helps them figure out how to be a little less weird around others. This ultimately helps them build better relationships, and we were all along for the ride. 

On top of being funny, the characters are also relatable. The writers did a great job keeping the show fresh, and like Friends and Seinfeld, the cast knew to end the show on a high note.

After over a decade on the air, it’s no wonder so many people, cast and fans, needed a good cry at the end.

The cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ took bets on who would take it the hardest

For almost a year now the same question kept popping up during interviews with The Big Bang Theory cast members. Who do you think will cry the most during the final taping? Just about everyone answered the same. “Kaley Cuoco!” They all agreed she was the more emotional one of the bunch.

Sometimes they might follow up by saying it will be hard for everyone, or joke that they would be the one running for the tissues. It was still pretty clear that everyone thought Cuoco would end up being an emotional mess.

When asked about the final taping, Galecki revealed that she wasn’t the most emotional person on set after all. If it wasn’t Cuoco, who was the bigger mess? The answer might surprise even the biggest fans.

Who was a bigger emotional mess than Kaley Cuoco?

In the end, it was Galecki himself that had the hardest time coping with The Big Bang Theory finale. Galecki has been acting since he was a kid. He has had a lot of experience saying goodbye. It’s strange to think of him being the one trying to keep it together.

“I was so worried about Kaley and her being overcome with emotion,” he said in the TV Line video. “I ended up being the quivering puddle of tears on the floor. Starting off the show last night was tough. But then you gotta do your damn job, and put the tears aside and try to make people laugh. It was a terribly, terribly moving night.”

The Big Bang Theory turned into a bigger hit than most people thought. It turns out there were a lot of people wanting a smart comedy. This show and these iconic characters gave people a reason to let their inner nerd shine. And, we did!