‘The Bachelorette’: What Will JoJo Fletcher Do With Her Original Ring?

In case you missed it, JoJo Fletcher shocked bachelor nation when she sported a new engagement ring and announced that her fiance, Jordan Rodgers had proposed to her again. The pair have been together for the past three years are currently planning their wedding. Along with the new proposal came a stunning, new, engagement ring. But what will the couple do with the original ring?

Jordan Rodgers & Jojo Fletcher ring
Jordan Rodgers & JoJo Fletcher | Photo by Tom Cooper/Getty Images for SeriesFest

The original Neil Lane ring

When Rodgers originally proposed to Fletcher back in 2016, it was with a Neil Lane ring that The Bachelorette provided. The show has had a partnership with Lane for several years. On the day of the final rose ceremony, the top two contestants always have the opportunity to pick from a selection of rings to propose with. Rodgers’ original select was a stunning 3.5-carat diamond ring. Oval in shape, with a ring of paved diamonds serving as the band, the ring was rumored to cost around $85,000.


But the new ring that Rodgers selected for Fletcher is likely even more expensive. Larger in size, and even more brilliant in nature, fans were quick to gush over the new bling. “UPGRAAAAAADE,” actress Sara Hyland commented under the picture of Fletcher showing off the new ring. “He put Neil Lane to shame,” another fan commented under the photo.

A second proposal

Along with sharing the stunning bling, the pair also shared parts of the story behind the second proposal. Rodgers took to his own Instagram page to share why he felt compelled to pop the question again. “Our first engagement was so real, and meant so much to us both, but as we start to actually plan our wedding for next year I wanted to do it all over again, OUR WAY! So I bought a new ring, made a plan (that almost fell apart multiple times), and got down on one knee all over again,” the former bachelorette contestant confessed.

The question of the hour

Though fans were largely overjoyed for the happy couple, many questioned what Fletcher would do with her original engagement ring. They felt it was an important piece of their history. Rodgers managed to quell concerns when he announced that they would be keeping it.

“We are keeping it, it’s very special to us. But it was also important to have our own story, our own ring, and our own moment, all our own. We are so grateful for the show bringing us together, but that is only part of our story,” Rodgers said eloquently.

Engaged again and planning a wedding

In Fletcher’s Instagram story, the happy couple went into more detail about the old ring and the new one. JoJo Fletcher showed off her new bling in a stunning video that truly does the beautiful piece of jewelry justice. They also assured fans that they’d be keeping her original engagement ring because it held great sentimental value for them. Fletcher tossed around a few ideas like repurposing it into another piece of jewelry or holding on it for a future child to inherit.

Whatever they decide, we’re glad their hanging on to the original ring. We can’t wait to see what they’ve cooked up for their 2020 wedding, and we wish them well on the next chapter in their journey.