JoJo Siwa Literally Made History at Her Latest Concert

Say what you will about JoJo Siwa, but the 16-year-old is quite literally a force to be reckoned with. From sold-out concerts, to world tours, to a partnership with the illustrious Nickeloden, the child-star is swimming in success. Though she has a brand that can be challenging for many people to comprehend, Siwa is a well-known name in many households across the globe.

JoJo Siwa live in concert
JoJo Siwa | Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Dance Moms

Before Siwa was touring the world and entertaining her millions of fans at concerts, the “Boomerang” singer was just another dancer on Dance Moms. Siwa quickly caught the attention of Abby Lee Miller on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and she was brought on to Dance Moms soon thereafter. Siwa quickly became known for her larger than life personality and exceptional performance skills. While her technique wasn’t the strongest in the group, she typically managed to stand out because of her ability to entertain and her “it factor.”

Siwa made history at her latest concert

In fact, Siwa’s ‘it factor” on Dance Moms was so strong, it caused her to leave the show to pursue other opportunities. Though she received backlash for it at the time, it was clearly the best move for the child star. Currently, Siwa is on the international leg of her world tour, the JoJo Dream Tour. In fact, Siwa’s latest concert at The O2 Arena in London, England caused Siwa to make literal history. Her sold-out concert at the arena made her the youngest person to ever headline or perform at the stadium.

Ahead of the concert, Siwa took to her Instagram page to express her excitement about making history and performing for several thousand of her fans. “I can’t believe that today I will be the youngest person ever to perform at the O2 Arena in London! I’ve always wanted to set a record like this and today is the day, it’s crazy! Thank you all for everything, nothing would be possible without everyone who is reading this right now,” the Dance Moms alum shared.

A historic tour

But, the excitement didn’t stop there. Siwa also had a special message for her fans after the concert was over. “10,000 people, sold out, the youngest person to ever perform/headline at the O2 arena, show #86, best night of my life. My dad said I did a good job and he’s really proud, my mom said you did better yesterday… JK, my mom said she loves me no matter what. That was crazy, unreal, a long-time dream of mine come true, the ‘Best one yet,'” the 16-year-old gushed to her Instagram following.

Siwa knows she’s different from others her age

Siwa may look, think, and act differently from her peers, but her sold-out concerts are proof that the strategy is working for her. For her part, Siwa knows she’s different from others. Fortunately, she has an incredible fan base who take her as she is. “Thank you to everyone who accepts me for who I am! Trust me, I know I’m different from most 16yr olds, I know I dress different, I know I act different, I know people my age don’t normally live life the way I live mine, but I get to do what I love 24/7 and I get to inspire the next generation of kids on such important incredible things like being kind, being confident, and having fun! Love you guys,” Siwa penned recently and posted to her Instagram page. It’ll be interesting to see what Siwa does next, but she can definitely cross making history off of her list.