Jon Gosselin Just Reminded Everyone He’s ‘Not Dumb’ in His Instagram Story

Kate Gosselin may currently be on television for her dating show, Kate Plus Date, but we all remember her best for her marriage and explosive divorce. She and Jon Gosselin were the stars of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8, a show that centered around Jon and Kate’s relationship as they raised their set of sextuplets and twins. Now, the kids are growing up fast — and the twins are even legally adults. Unfortunately, the drama between Jon and Kate continues to persist.

Kate is still seeking reality TV fame, but Jon is quietly taking care of two of his eight children with no interest in returning to the screen. And it seems he’s also ready to call out anyone who’s secretly sneaking photos of him in public, too. Here’s how he just pointed a finger at a few of his fans in his Instagram story.

Jon Gosselin says he doesn’t understand why he’s famous

Jon is quite a recognizable reality TV figure, but he seems to have no desire to continue being on television or in the public eye at all. Unlike Kate, Jon never wanted to be on television after Jon & Kate Plus 8 ended. And while he’ll occasionally be a disc jockey for local events, he prefers to pursue a quiet life with Hannah and Collin, his two kids who have chosen to live with him full-time, as well as his long-term girlfriend, Colleen Conrad.

Now that Jon and Kate Plus 8 is long over, Jon has also mentioned that he doesn’t even understand why he’s still considered to be famous. StyleCaster reports Jon said during an interview, “I think I’m just misunderstood. I’m not a fame seeker. Every day I look in the mirror and I wonder [why I’m famous]. I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I’m not a Nobel Peace Prize winner. I just had eight kids and I had a show on TLC.”

He doesn’t regret being on TV but admits he made many mistakes

Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin | Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Brooke Lewis and Mark Bellas

Jon may be happy to be off the air now, but he doesn’t necessarily regret putting his life on TV, either. Today reports he told Entertainment Tonight, “I don’t regret anything. Because you learn from your mistakes. That’s what builds you into who you are today.” He does, however, wish he went about a few things differently now that he has some perspective.

Jon said he should’ve he kept his relationships with other women out of the public eye, as he knew that really hurt Kate and made their separation that much more explosive for the media. Not only that, but he stated he wished he had a lawyer present when he first signed the contract for Jon & Kate Plus 8. “Now I have a sense of empowerment. Before, I didn’t have any representation. I take blame for not being an initiator. I was an avoider. I was passive,” CNN reports Jon said in 2009.

Jon’s calling out those who try to take photos of him in public

While he may not understand his fame or the public’s obsession with him, there’s no doubt many still follow Jon and want to know what he’s up to. Unfortunately, if fans get out of hand and snap photos of Jon in public, he’s willing to call them out on social media. In Touch Weekly reports a few young women were taking photos of Jon when he snapped their photo right back and posted it to his Instagram story. “Rude you know what taking pics of us at dinner, I see you, I’m not dumb, I see you!!!” he added in text over the photo.

We’re not sure if any of Jon’s fans will ever be so bold again considering they might be called out online. And we’re hoping Jon and his family can find peace instead of more chaos during this time now that more attention than ever is on Kate and her dating show.

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