Jon Gosselin Questions Why Kate Gosselin Isn’t Working on the Front Lines During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Front line workers, especially those in the medical industry, are being hailed as heroes during the battle against the Coronavirus. There is one familiar face that Pennsylvania residents probably won’t be running into in a hospital, though. Jon Gosselin, famed for his role in Jon and Kate Plus 8, suggested his former wife, Kate Gosselin, should step up and join the fight against the virus. While he isn’t sure, he seems pretty confident that Kate has not been putting her nursing credentials to use during the pandemic.

Jon Gosselin wonders why his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, isn’t working as a nurse during the pandemic

Kate could definitely use a job, and, at the moment, she has a skill set that is very much in demand. Before the reality TV bug bit Kate, she worked as a nurse, she even continued working during the early years of Jon and Kate Plus 8. In the first season of the series, Kate was regularly seen returning from work, where she continued her nursing duties on a per diem basis. That was years ago, now. Kate hasn’t returned to the profession since then.

She did, however, state that she wasn’t opposed to the idea. Back in 2009, Kate stated that she would consider nursing as a backup career if all else failed. Even as she pondered the idea, it was apparent that Kate’s main goal was to remain in the entertainment industry. That pursuit isn’t going well, though. According to The Sun, Kate revealed her contract with TLC had been terminated, and she doesn’t appear to have any other entertainment contracts in the works.

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Jon has wondered why Kate hasn’t returned to nursing, at least to help on the front lines while the pandemic is ongoing, according to The Sun. While Jon isn’t exactly sure what Kate is up to, she has not been spotted in any hospital since the start of the pandemic. Instead, it looks like she’s laying low at home with her children. Kate is currently raising four of her sextuplets. Mady and Cara Gosselin, the former couple’s eldest children, both of whom were attending college in New York, have also returned home to Pennsylvania during the pandemic.

Kate could still return to nursing

While it doesn’t appear as though Kate is currently employed by any medical center, that doesn’t mean she can’t still return. While family followers have long hated Kate for the way she treats her children, she seems to be particularly skilled at thinking ahead. At the very least, it seems like she’s keeping the option of returning to nursing on the table.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of State, Kate’s nursing license is active until 2021. Her license was first issued in 1997, two years before she married Jon. Kate last renewed the license in 2019, which suggests she hasn’t given up on the notion of returning to the career just yet. She may need to at some point. Without an entertainment career to speak of, Kate will need to find a way to support herself, sooner or later.  

Jon Gosselin and his longtime girlfriend are both working in medical settings

Jon doesn’t just talk the talk, both he and his girlfriend are actively involved in the fight against Covid-19. Jon, according to The Hollywood Gossip, has returned to the world of technology. He is working as an IT specialist in a hospital near his home in Reading, Pennsylvania. His girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, who is heavily featured on Jon’s Instagram, is a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

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Jon told The Sun that both he and Colleen are working daily at local medical centers during the coronavirus shutdown, but that they are trying to mitigate the risk of contracting the disease and transferring it to family members. Jon reports that he and Colleen have purchased a tent so they can self-isolate if either becomes infected with the virus. Two of Jon and Kate’s sextuplets are currently living with the couple. Hannah Gosselin moved in with her father in 2017. Jon was awarded full custody of Collin Gosselin in December 2018. Colleen is the mother of two adult children. Neither appears to reside at the home.