Jon Gosselin Reveals Why He Probably Won’t Get Married Again

Jon Gosselin hasn’t had a lot of luck in marriage. His highly public, bitter divorce and subsequent custody battle with ex-wife Kate Gosselin was splashed across the tabloids and filled with so much drama and heartbreak. These two sextuplet parents rose to fame thanks to their reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, and pressures from being reality stars contributed to their break-up.

But maybe Jon Gosselin wasn’t thrilled with marriage from the beginning. Fans of the show couldn’t help but notice that there was something off about the dynamic between Jon and Kate. They called him lazy and unhelpful while accusing Kate of acting shrill and unappreciative. It was clear these two had serious issues.

Now the 42-year-old father of 8 has found love again. However, he’s adamant about one thing: he has no plans of getting married again.

Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin | Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Wet Republic

Two of Jon Gosselin’s children live with him full time

Though Kate retained custody of their children after the divorce, that arrangement began to change once the kids got older and were able to make their own choices. The couple’s twins, Mady and Cara, were born in October 2000, making them officially adults now. The famous sextuplets brought the kid count to eight were born in May 2004.

Two out of eight of the kids currently live with their father full time because they choose to. Both Collin and Hannah reside with Jon and he’s even making plans to have a quiet family Thanksgiving with them plus his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, and her family.

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Jon Gosselin doesn’t want to get married again

Gosselin is clearly happy in his relationship with Colleen Conrad. But that doesn’t mean he wants to tie the knot anytime soon. Apparently, these two are wary of marriage since they were both divorced before.

“We just look at each other like ‘Eh.’ Because we’re both divorced so… Is there a point? We love each other,” Gosselin said of getting married. “We’re committed to each other.”

The kids appreciate Colleen as a mother figure

It’s not just Jon who loved Colleen — apparently, Collin and Hannah are enamored by her, too.

“They love her. She’s a great parent,” Gosselin told InTouch Weekly last December. “They respect her as a mom, too.”

Conrad also has two kids from her previous marriage, Jordan and Jesse. Together, they’re all enjoying life as a blended family and trying to make the best of things.

No one knows why Hannah chose to live with her dad

The details of the Gosselin custody agreement are top secret, but rumor has it that Kate Gosselin isn’t thrilled that Hannah chose to live with her father instead of with her.  

“Kate is trying to be supportive of the situation, but the truth is, she hates that Hannah chose Jon over her,” a source told Life & Style. “The problem is that the kids are getting older and they’re starting to ask questions. Some are still Team Mom, but Team Dad is growing. It’s a very divided household.” 

And for Collin? He had behavioral issues in the past and Kate had him living in a facility issue to help with his “special needs.” Jon strongly opposed the idea and fought to have him released from the live-in facility and into his care.

Jon won temporary custody and to hear him tell it, his little blended family has been thriving ever since.