‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Fans Are Absolutely Loving Jon Gosselin’s Beach Day With His 2 Kids and Girlfriend

While Jon & Kate Plus 8 only graced our televisions for a short time, it seems the feud between Jon and Kate Gosselin has lasted a lifetime. We know the couple for having eight children together — one set of twins and sextuplets. And while they divorced nearly a decade ago, it seems they still can’t get along, as they’ve made it clear they’re not in communication. If anything, the Gosselins have proven they’re more divided than ever.

Kate’s happy to be back in the spotlight with her dating show, Kate Plus Date, but Jon has taken a more private path. He and two of his eight kids all happily live together, and their recent trip to the beach looked like a blast. Fans are even loving the photos Jon posted from the trip, too.

Two of the Gosselin kids live with Jon full-time

While Kate takes care of the older twins and four of the sextuplets, two of them have chosen to live with Jon full-time. Hannah was the first to live with Jon back in August 2018. While we’re not sure what the custody arrangement is, we know from what Kate has said and from what Jon has posted on Instagram that Hannah rarely sees her mother and would rather live with her dad.

An insider told HollywoodLife of the situation, “Hannah lives full time with Jon and they are always out and about together in his hometown of Reading, PA. The details of his custody arrangement with Kate are top secret though. No one but Kate and Jon and their lawyers know the specifics.”

Collin’s situation is slightly more complicated. While Kate placed him in a facility to deal with his “special needs” and anger issues, Jon explained once Collin got out of the facility, the child wanted to live with him, People reports. And after Kate failed to show up to the court battle dealing with custody of Collin, Jon won that, too. Now, Collin lives happily with Jon and Hannah full-time.

Fans think Hannah and Collin look way happier now that they’re with him

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Happy Fourth of July !!!!

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Jon’s frequently adding photos of Hannah, Collin, and his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, to his Instagram — and fans have noticed how happy his two kids look. Many have even taken to his Instagram to tell him that he seems to be doing an excellent job as a single father, as Collin and Hannah are truly thriving in his care.

In this photo of his kids and him celebrating Independence Day, his followers quickly took to the comments to tell him how great his kids look. “Wanna know why I love this so much? You look genuinely happy. You’re not out putting your dating life in the spot light and living vicariously through your kids. You’re being a dad [sic],” one follower commented. And others have also told Jon that he looks happier than ever, too — especially when he’s with his girlfriend. “Jon, you’re absolutely glowing,” one fan commented on this photo.

Fans are also loving Jon’s recent beach photos

Jon, Hannah, Collin, and Jon’s girlfriend recently took a trip down to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, as evidenced by Instagram. He posted this photo of him and Colleen Conrad at the Purple Parrot for some drinks and karaoke, and he also added this photo of him, Colleen, and Collin hanging out in a “hot tub” they made in the sand. Everyone in the photos looks happy to be on vacation — especially Jon. And fans adore the captured moments.

“Love seeing a smile as big as the sun on Collin’s face!” one fan commented on the beach photo. Another added, “Collin looks so happy and so do you!! Happy for you, Colleen, Collin & Hannah!!” Yet another commented on his children, adding, “I love that Collin and Hannah get to live a stress-free life with you. I only wish the other six were as close with you.”

As for the photo of Jon and Colleen at the bar, fans loved this one as well. “You are like a completely different person. You are so happy and full of life. You can just see it in your eyes. So glad I came across your IG. So happy for you,” another follower said.

With so many positive comments, we’re sure we’ll see more of Jon’s life with his family via Instagram in the future, too.

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