‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’: How Is Collin Gosselin Doing Today?

Whether you watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 back when it aired on TLC or not, you’re plenty aware of the Gosselin family. Kate and Jon Gosselin first attained fame by showing the world how they parent sextuplets and twins, but a lot has changed since then. Today, custody battles over the kids are the main issue — and we’re all wondering what’s really going on with Collin Gosselin, the most controversial Gosselin child.

Kate has talked at length in the past about Collin’s “special needs,” and it seemed like the child was deeply troubled. He was even living at a facility to help him deal with his alleged anger issues. Today, Collin no longer attends the facility or lives with Kate — so how is he doing now?

Jon Gosselin recently won temporary sole custody of Collin Gosselin

Before Collin was living with Jon full time, it was just Hannah who chose to live with her father instead of with Kate and her six siblings. But at the end of 2018, everything changed. While Collin was living in his facility for special needs for two years, People reports Jon won temporary sole custody of Collin back in December 2018 when Kate failed to show up to court.

Jon even mentioned Collin wanted to live with him at the time, too, as he mentioned, “It was just easier for the transition. So it’d be easier for one parent to just transition him home, and he wanted to live with me, so it was easier to do it that way.” According to Radar Online, Jon also believes Kate was a bad influence on Collin. His legal team claimed that Kate was uncooperative with Collin’s treatment and thus acted as a “trigger” for the child. As for Kate, she hasn’t said too much about the situation since she lost custody.

Collin seems to have limited contact with six of his siblings

Today, Collin seems to be attending the same school district with Hannah, which is not the same school as their other siblings. And it appears he may also have limited contact with the kids who live with Kate as well despite living right down the street from them. E! News reports Jon said on Morning Express with Robin Meade, “Hannah has more interaction with her siblings and Collin doesn’t. He had one visitation with his other siblings since he’s been back, but we’re working on that as we speak right now.”

As for if Collin sees Kate, it seems that’s also a no. An insider told Radar Online that Kate hasn’t made much of an effort to reach out to Collin since he’s been living with Jon. The insider also added, “Collin doesn’t want to see Kate, and so he has not.” According to Kate, this isn’t the case, however. Hollywood Life notes during an interview promoting her new dating show, she mentioned she’s “close with all” of the kids, including Collin.

Collin’s spending plenty of quality time with Jon and seems to be doing well

So, how is Collin doing today? While he may not see his siblings as much as he used to, he seems quite happy in the photos Jon posts of him on Instagram. Recently, Hannah, Jon, and Collin all posed for a photo to celebrate Hannah and Collin’s birthday, and the kids are clearly growing up fast. Their smiles — even Jon’s — look genuine, and fans took notice. As one commented, “Jon you’re a great dad !! I’m happy you’re seeing and spending time with your kids you deserve it !!”

It seems Jon and Collin have been spending plenty of quality time together, too. PopCulture notes Jon recently posted a photo to his Instagram story of him and Collin taking a road trip to Atlanta, Georgia, from their home in Pennsylvania. That’s at least an 11-hour trip, which is a serious undertaking — and Jon also showed off how much luggage they’re bringing along.

We’re not sure how long the road trip was slated to last, but it looks like the father-son duo were having a blast. Here’s hoping Collin is thriving in his new home.

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