Jonas Brothers Dish on Disney Days: Why They ‘Lost Touch’ With Their Identity

The Jonas Brothers are back… and better than ever. It’s been a journey for the brothers, which included the band breaking up with little hope they’d ever get back together. In a new interview with Paper, the JoBros revisit some of the challenges of their old Disney days, their split, and what’s coming next.

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The Disney days were frustrating

Joe explained the problems with their Disney gig, noting, “I don’t feel as frustrated now as I did then,” sharing, “We were having to censor ourselves, I think any artist could relate. That’s not fun. We were at a standstill with our TV show and the movies. We were young adults, having to pretend like we’re young teenagers.”

Those Disney days, though frustrating, were what put the brothers on the map, as Joe noted that complaining about that time is “such a weird mindset to get into, because we have Disney to thank for so much, they got us started in our career.” 

‘Year 3000’ music video

Nick explained how everything took off for them in a big way, calling it “sort of a rocket ship to the moon during that time,” adding, “When Disney played our video for ‘Year 3000,’ everything changed. It all started to happen when Disney got on board. Our years doing Camp Rock and TV shows were really formative… [Those years] are a major part of our story and a big way that our fans connect with us and continue to today.”

Nick was certain that what they were saying about Disney wasn’t misunderstood, noting, “Before this becomes an indictment of Disney and Disney culture, I think it’s important to say that, though we felt limited at times, bottom line, Disney was really good for us; really good training wheels for anybody that wants to become a musician or entertainer, as far as work ethic and all the rest. There was a balance to it all, and we could have had it a lot worse.” 

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The brothers’ split in 2013 was necessary

Despite their meteoric rise, there came a point where they went their separate ways, with Nick suggesting they break up in 2013. He explained how the Jonas Brothers split came to be, noting, “We lost touch with what we wanted to say, because we were trying so hard to say something different from what we said in the past, musically and creatively.”

He added: “We understood that our level of success and fame had reached a point, where our musicianship and writing and performing abilities needed time to grow and catch up to it.”

Their reunion, documentary, and new sound

When the brothers started filming their Amazon documentary Chasing Happiness, coming out on June 4, Kevin explained how discussions about a reunion started. It wasn’t easy, he noted, “[We had] the kind [of conversations] probably only brothers can have without wanting to throw a table at each other,” sharing that discussions are “in the doc, and they’re heavy.”

“The choice to do this wasn’t out of need, it was more, ‘This is something we really want to do together,'” Kevin added.

Part of their reinvention, Nick shared, is “all about having fun,” adding, “We take what we do seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.”