The Jonas Brothers Just Posted a Video Of Them Dancing, And Fans Had Hilarious Responses

The Jonas Brothers recently reconnected professionally, and the band is officially back together. With that, they’ve been on everyone’s minds lately; for a while, they all flew under the radar. But now that they’re getting more attention, people are noticing some of the funny things they do in their spare time — and fans had hilarious reactions to the group dancing on a boat at sunset.

Jonas brothers
Jonas Brothers | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers recently reunited with a brand new song

The Jo Bros have come back in a big way. After taking about six years off from making music together, the trio reunited with their newest single “Sucker,” and it’s been a major hit. After the band split up in 2013, Joe and Nick Jonas pursued solo careers, while Kevin Jonas started a family with wife Danielle. All three of the brothers went in different directions but ultimately decided they were at their best when they were making music together. Now, all those pre-teens that adored them a few years back can finally swoon over them once again.

Now, they’re soaking up that fame all over again — and dancing on boats

Although Nick Jonas never lost his fame, Joe and Kevin did fall off the radar a bit. Kevin decided to lay low and focus on his family, while Joe did see some fame with his band DNCE. However, neither brother had the successful career that Nick Jonas had. But now that they’re on everyone’s minds again, and they’ve kept fans entertained with some funny videos — including a recent one of them dancing at sunset on a boat. The boys are smoking cigars and soaking up every ounce of life in a new video, where they’re dancing to Kacey Musgraves’ “Golden Hour” while the sun sets in the distance. Fans thought it was adorable — but had the most hilarious responses.

Fans tweeted hilarious reactions to the brothers’ video

The video was posted on Twitter, and fans didn’t disappoint with their clever and funny responses. Joe Jonas originally sent out the tweet, and the replies started almost immediately. “My last 3 brain cells studying for a test at 4 am,” one user wrote. People also couldn’t help but pick on Nick Jonas’ all-green outfit. “NICK WHY THAT OUTFIT” one user replied. “Why does Nicholas look like he’s on the green team at the Disney Channel games?” another user wrote. Some fans even picked on Frankie a bit for being left out of the video. But he was probably still invited to hang out on the boat, right?

Kacey Musgraves replied to the tweet saying they were doing everything right  

Kacey Musgraves, who wrote and sung the song the brothers were dancing too, also caught wind of the tweet. “Wow basically precisely what the record was created for..dancing on your boat at sunset with light choreo and cigars..well done,” Musgraves replied. The Jonas Brothers are definitely having fun with their fame, and everyone on Twitter is here for it.

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