Jonathan Cheban Says Kanye West Played a Major Role in His ‘Foodgod’ Instagram

Those who love food — or the Kardashians — know Jonathan Cheban. Or, rather, those who love food know “Foodgod,” Jonathan Cheban’s food Instagram that has made its rounds in the foodie world to become one of the top food-related accounts on the app. Though Cheban got the idea on his own, he actually credits Kanye West for helping him nail down his true image.

Jonathan Cheban with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Jonathan Cheban with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West | Gotham/Getty Images

Cheban started his food Instagram without giving it much thought

If it comes as a surprise that someone like Cheban would start a food Instagram that would practically take over the world, that’s because it is a surprise. Cheban has never been an entirely food-obsessed person. He isn’t one of those people with formal culinary training or an extremely advanced palate. Rather, he started posting photos of food, and one day, he decided to take it a step further and start the Instagram. He once said that a while back, someone suggested the name “Foodgod” to him, but he actually has Kanye West to thank for giving him the courage to make that his Instagram name.

He recently told the story of how Kanye West solidified his name

Cheban appeared on Wendy Williams on September 18 to show off some incredible (yet extremely unhealthy) food, including a cotton-candy dish that was shaped in the form of a woman’s hairstyle and practically the size of Cheban himself. Williams was impressed with his account, but the story of how the name came to be was even better. Cheban said he had been considering the name “Foodgod” and pitched it to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian while the three were in a busy airport waiting for a flight. Cheban explains that the three were trying to avoid the mass of paparazzi and get some food when he heard West yell, “Foodgod, can you get me a diet coke?” and that’s when he knew. “‘What, did you just call me Foodgod?’ And that was it, it was done,” he recalled to Williams.

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Cheban is reportedly legally changing his name to Food God

Back in 2017, there were rumors that Cheban was legally changing his name to Foodgod. He said in an interview a couple years ago that the Instagram has become “cult-like” and that people often yell out “Foodgod” when they see him on the street or in a restaurant. This past August, the rumors of the name change resurfaced, with some suggesting the name change could happen within the next month. It’s a little fuzzy right now whether he has actually gone through with the name change, but if he has, we are totally here for it.

At least he’s making a name for himself beyond ‘Kim Kardashian’s BFF’   

Though some might think that being an influencer for a living isn’t a real career, we have to hand it to Cheban. At least he is making a name for himself beyond being Kim Kardashian’s best friend. Plus, when you’re close with the Kardashians, why not capitalize on that fame? Though Cheban hasn’t worked as hard as other influencers to get where he is (millions of people pretty much followed him right away because they love the Kardashians), at least he’s doing something with all of that notability.