Jordan Peele Defends Kanye West’s Controversial Comments

Jordan Peele first introduced us to the idea of the Sunken Place in his 2017 movie Get Out. The Sunken Place is basically a parallel universe that the main character in the movie falls into where he is unable to act or express himself.

After controversial comments were made by rapper Kanye West about how slavery was a choice and his support of President Donald Trump, many people wondered if West was actually stuck in the Sunken Place.

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Wait. That ain't photo? Yo.

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The rapper responded to these accusations by posting a picture of his mansion and captioning it, “Does this look like the Sunken Place?”

In an interview with Rolling Stone yesterday, Peele finally chimed in on the situation.

“However frustrated I am with what he’s doing, the artist in me is like, ‘He saw my movie!’” the director said. “The thing about Kanye is, it feels to me that, whatever he’s going through, he’s trying to tell his truth. And there’s something magnetic about people who are trying to tell the truth.”

He even went as far as to defend West’s comments.

“I might be wrong, but my feeling is that even when he’s saying something I disagree with, he’s trying to tell his truth, and that’s more than you can say about 90 percent of people,” Peele added.