Jordyn Woods Fans Think She Looks Like Beyoncé in This Instagram Pic

Jordyn Woods has been receiving nonstop attention for the past several months. One look at her Instagram page and you can see how her following has grown exponentially in 2019. The 21-year-old is having a phenomenal year career-wise. From appearing on the cover a prominent magazine, to starring in her first TV show, to launching her own size-inclusive activewear brand, Woods certainly isn’t resting on her laurels. Now fans are giving the entrepreneur the compliment to end all compliments and tell her she looks like Queen Bey.

Jordyn Woods Instagram
Jordyn Woods | Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images for Addition Elle

Woods is finding herself

Woods started off her career as a model, but these days she has truly begun to diversify her resume. That can be confusing for those who attempt to label her as one thing. Some naysayers on Instagram and other social media platforms even question why she is choosing to explore so many drastically different fields. However, Woods isn’t willing to let other people label or limit her options. “Everyone is trying to figure out what I’m doing but, to be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m finding my self-worth. At 21, this is the very beginning, even though I feel so old. This is the time you figure out who you are, and don’t let anyone define you,” the model confessed to Teen Vogue.

The identity struggle

Woods admits that it can be challenging to define yourself for yourself. In a society that doesn’t always reward people for daring to be unique, it’s definitely a bold choice to live life on your own terms. “Identity is something everyone struggles with. Everyone wants to fit in and find their place, and it’s so hard sometimes,” she says. “Everyone tries to be the same person because they don’t know who they are,” the 21-year-old shared.

Woods’ modeling career

Though Woods isn’t exactly sure what career path she’ll eventually land on, she is unafraid to explore a multitude of options. One thing that has remained consistent though is her commitment to modeling. In the past few months, Woods has modeled for magazine spreads, her own brand, and has even appeared in music videos. Woods recently shared pictures from a recent photoshoot with her Instagram following and people were immediately floored by her beauty.

Instagram fans show their support

“You are absolutely gorgeous @jordynwoods may good bless you in every step of your journey, you’re going up there where you belong period,” one fan commented. “I LIKE YOU CUS YOU’RE GROWING TALLER THAN A TREE AND STRONGER LIKE A FOREST. Jordyn Woods this is for you! TO LOVE IS TO ADMIRE WITH THE HEART; TO ADMIRE IS TO LOVE WITH THE MIND. YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL GOD BLESS YOU,” another extremely enthusiastic Instagram user wrote.

Fans compare Woods to Beyoncé

Some of Woods’ other Instagram followers were quick to point out that she resembled Beyoncé in the photo above. “Lookin like Beyoncé,” one fan noted “YASSSS BEYONCÉ!!!!,” another exclaimed. “You look so gorgeous…Like Beyoncé and no you don’t need to apologize to anyone!,” another adamantly stated. No matter where Woods chooses to go next in her career, it’d probably be best if she didn’t give up modeling. After all, it doesn’t get much better than Beyoncé.