Jordyn Woods Talks Entitlement After Kardashian Scandal: “It’s Bullsh*t”

Ever since the kiss heard round the world between Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson, the 21-year old has been under a microscope. She caught the wrath of the Kardashians after Thompson (Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy and then-boyfriend) kissed her at a party.

Kylie Jenner  sister to Khloe Kardashian and Jordyn Woods together
Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods | Michael Stewart/WireImage

As Woods had been best friends with Kardashian’s sister, Kylie Jenner, for years, she earned the ire of KarJenner stans around the world. Immediately, Woods was flooded with thousands of messages of hate and even received death threats. But just how is the model coping with the incessant bullying and trolls?

Woods’ relationship with social media

Despite all the attention that Woods has earned in the wake of the Kardashian scandal (on Instagram alone her following has grown to 10.3 million) she maintains that she is a very private person. Woods believes that the more you share with people, the more you open yourself up to harsh critiques and criticisms.

“I don’t really care to share my whole life on social media, because certain things are special and once you share it, you open yourself up to people’s opinions. People got to see me at my most vulnerable moment without even really knowing me because I don’t showcase who I am, really,” Woods admitted in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan UK.

A dangerous addiction

But despite Woods’ attitude towards social media, she admits that she still struggles with having an obsession towards it. “It becomes addictive to look on the internet, to look at your name. When I would look at my name and see all of the things that people were saying, it became like a tumor. It became cancerous to me,” the business owner admitted. And how could it not after Khloe Kardashian named her as the sole reason for her family falling apart?

Even though the scandal happened months ago, which is lifetimes in the land of Kardashian, some people are still unwilling to forgive Woods for the actions of another human being. Many people have dubbed her as a homewrecker or a snake. Others have gone in another direction and maintained that the 21-year-old is “cancelled” altogether.

Entitlement is bulls*it

For her part, Woods is baffled by many of the trolls on social media who think that they have the right to comment on any and everything. “The internet feels so entitled to have opinions about everything, but a lot of it is bulls*it. These are real people, with real lives. People are so detached that they don’t feel empathy, they don’t feel bad, they don’t realize that the one message that you sent laughing at someone could be the that pushes that person off the ledge,” Woods said eloquently.

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The age of social media

We completely agree with Woods in this respect. In a celebrity and social media-obsessed culture, we do often feel like people are obligated to share every piece of their lives with us. Even more concerning is that people feel so emboldened to spew hatred at people from behind the safety of their screens. At the end of the day, nobody really knows what happened that night except for the few people who were there. So whether you’re a Kardashian stan or you just can’t stand them, nobody really has room to talk about this entire situation.