Jordyn Woods Reveals the Inspiring Way She Overcame Online Bullying

Jordyn Woods is no stranger to public scrutiny. In a new interview with Page Six, the model opened up about her experiences with online bullying. Though she’s endured a ton of hate over the last year, Woods has since learned how not to let the negativity get to her and is sharing her secret on how she overcomes social media haters, which she hopes will help others going through similar issues.

Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods | Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

Jordyn Woods faced immense internet bullying following the Tristan Thompson scandal

Being attacked online is nothing new for Woods.

Though critics mocked her for her weight during her teen years, their negative comments took a ruthless turn last year after she was involved in a scandalous cheating incident with the Kardashian family.

In February 2019, news broke that Woods had allegedly “hooked up” with Khloé Kardashian’s on-and-off-again boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. As the news spread like wildfire, the Kardashians ousted the model from their inner circle. At the same time, Kylie Jenner, who was Woods’ BFF, separated herself and cut off all contact from the model as a result of the scandal.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner
Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner | Chesnot/WireImage

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Following her falling out with the reality stars, Woods faced tremendous backlash on social media.

Though the constant hate caused her to take a break from the internet for a while, the model eventually returned to social media with a much brighter outlook on life.

While online critics still drag her name through the mud, Woods has since learned how not to let the negativity get the best her and shared her secret on how she does this while recently sitting down with Page Six.

Woods learned how to turn a negative into a positive

Working through constant criticism and judgment isn’t easy, but Woods has found that talking through your trials and tribulations helps the most.

She told the outlet, “A lot of people, whether you’re a public figure or a regular person, I think that we don’t talk about our struggles enough or we don’t address certain things. One of the biggest illnesses in the United States right now and probably the world is mental health. I think that now talking about your healing is getting somewhat normalized, but I don’t think enough.”

Woods shared that while “some days are good” and “some days are bad,” not letting negative comments get to her has kept her in a positive mindset.

Woods hopes her advice will help others who’ve fallen victim to online bullying

Though not being affected by hateful comments is no easy feat, Woods hopes that those experiencing online bullying can follow in her footsteps and discover ways not to let internet trolls “overpower” them.

Two of her pro tips are to write down your thoughts and turn to close family and friends, which Woods credits for helping her get through some of the trials she’s experienced in her life.

“I think you just have to take a second to be still and try to shut out the noise and really figure yourself out,” she said. “Journaling — I know it sounds really cliche or so basic, but sometimes you realize that less is more and getting back to the basics is more important than anything else … Sticking around family and friends and people that show you support no matter what. Luckily, I’m blessed to have a very supportive and loving family. Regardless of what we go through, they’re always there.”

She also notes that exercising is a healthy outlet she uses to help release stress and put herself in a positive mood.

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“Working out was a huge tool in my mental health and well-being,” she added. “Losing my father, I didn’t know where to turn to or what to do, and fitness became my therapy. It’s a second to really lock in that moment and builds up serotonin. Your levels go up without you realizing it and then you start to feel better. You’re doing yourself good and your mind good.”