Joseph Duggar’s Wife, Kendra, Said How Difficult Raising Kids Is on ‘Counting On’

This season of Counting On is well underway, and fans are loving all the updates they’re getting from various members of the Duggar family. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are still featured, it’s their kids who are getting most of the attention. We adore seeing updates from fan favorites like Jana, Jessa, and Jinger — but it seems the younger Duggars who are also married, like Joseph, are gaining traction, too.

Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra, have been the topic of conversation on a few different occasions, like when Kendra and her mother were pregnant at the same time. Now, the Duggar wife is pregnant with her second child. And on a recent episode of Counting On, she seemed to tell the cameras that raising her son isn’t as easy as she thought.

Kendra and Joseph Duggar have their second child on the way

Jim Bob and Michelle may be done having kids, but their older kids are just getting started expanding their families. And currently, Kendra and Joseph Duggar are expecting their second child. Us Weekly reminds us they had their son, Garrett, back in June 2018 — and less than a year later, they decided it was time to bring another little one into the world.

“Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined. We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone,” Joseph and Kendra said. “We are very happy that our little family will welcome a new addition later this year. Children really are a blessing from God!”

Their quick family expansion shouldn’t be too surprising, as we know the Duggars don’t appear to believe in contraception and instead trust that God will provide them with the number of children they’re meant to have. Considering Kendra’s mother also recently had a child — which marks her eighth — it makes sense that Kendra also wants a big family.

Kendra told a publication that caring for another baby will be a breeze

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With Joseph being only 24 years old and Kendra being 21, it’s shocking to many that these two lovebirds are prepared to become parents to a newborn once again. While there are likely some worries for when the new baby arrives, Kendra and Joseph haven’t expressed any concerns to publications when talking about their second child. In fact, they claim they’re more prepared than ever to bring a baby into this world.

As Kendra told Us Weekly, “We’re kind of already in that napping, changing diapers groove with Garrett still, so I think it will be just adding another [to that].” She then added that while there will certainly be challenges in taking care of a newborn, she and Joseph are primarily feeling excited. “I think it’s going be different, but we’ll probably get into the groove of what our family size is. The adjustment part is always an adjustment, so we’ll just see how it goes!”

Her tune was totally different on a recent episode of ‘Counting On’

Kendra may have told Us Weekly that she’s prepared for the baby to arrive, but her tune on Counting On appeared to be slightly different. While speaking to Jinger and Jessa about baby Garrett, Kendra explained that she’s been having trouble keeping him entertained when she’s at home. “It can definitely be exhausting just trying to keep the babies entertained,” she said in the recent episode. Kendra then reassured that she loves doing her best, “but sometimes you’re like, ‘oh I’ve gotta go switch over a load of laundry,’ or ‘I’ve got, you know, dishes that need to be done’ ….”

It seems Kendra did her best to appear in high spirits, but her insights regarding the difficulties of parenting didn’t go unnoticed. And we’re all wondering how she’s going to manage once more young kids are introduced into the family.

We’re sure we’ll get more insights from Kendra and Joseph as the due date gets closer!

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