Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Favorite TV Show Might Surprise You

Media buffs recognize Joseph Gordon-Levitt as one star who made the rare leap from sitcoms to the silver screen. And although the 3rd Rock From the Sun alum is primarily known for his high-profile movie roles these days, the actor still has an appreciation for TV. With that in mind, he recently dished about his favorite television show, his favorite episode of that show, and his favorite character. And what he revealed just might surprise you.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images

Joseph Gordon-Levitt took the ‘Hot Ones’ challenge

The First We Feast original production, Hot Ones, is the YouTube talk show that grills celebrities about their professional and personal lives. Sean Evans hosts and produces the interview series with a twist. While in the hot seat, guests of the show eat a pile of chicken wings doused in a variety of sauces.

While fielding questions, the celebs sample the selection of sauces arranged in order from mild to blazing. As the interviews progress and the sauces become hotter, the guests find it increasingly difficult to concentrate on answering questions. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was no exception.

“I don’t have any good reason to eat that,” Gordon-Levitt grimaced about the ninth sauce on the menu, Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, which rates 135,600 on the Scoville Level of heat. Despite the discomfort, he still masterfully made it through all ten rounds of sauces.

The actor discussed his favorite TV show, episode, and character

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As an interviewer, Evans has a flair for encouraging guests to open up about little-known facts. While he had Gordon-Levitt in the hot seat, Evans asked the actor about his love for Sesame Street.

“You’re on record as saying that it’s your favorite show of all time. You called hosting the 50th anniversary special ‘one of the highlights’ of your life,” Evans said as he teed up Gordon-Levitt’s final segment.

Without hesitation, Gordon-Levitt declared, “My favorite episode of Sesame Street is the episode where Oscar starts an ice cream stand out of his trash can. He’s selling cones of ice cream to people. And he really wants to sell them spaghetti and meatballs ice cream, and nobody wants it because nobody thinks that spaghetti and meatballs ice cream will be any good.”

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At that point, Gordon-Levitt, who had endured a slew of fiery wing sauces, paused to swig milk for relief from the heat. Then, he continued his retelling of the Sesame Street plot about Oscar’s pasta-inspired ice cream.

“And all they ever ask for is strawberry. And they keep asking for strawberry, and he doesn’t want to sell them strawberry. He wants to sell them spaghetti and meatballs ice cream, and he never gives up, and he never gives in, and he sells them spaghetti and meatballs ice cream.”

Between gulps of milk, Gordon-Levitt professed, “Oscar The Grouch is my favorite Sesame Street character. I am Oscar The Grouch.”

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