Josh Duggar Will Go to Trial For Bad Real Estate Deal

Josh Duggar has been quietly trying to remove himself from a real estate lawsuit for months, but it looks like the courts are keeping him on the hook. According to KNWA, Duggar’s case is set for a trial in April 2020. The soon-to-be father of six is not personally named in the case, but his investment company could lose big.

Why is Josh Duggar’s company being sued?

Duggar is being sued for a property purchase made back in 2016. According to court documents, Josh purchased land from a private citizen for a paltry $1,000. The sales seemingly went through without a hitch, but now another individual has filed paperwork claiming that the land that Josh purchased belongs to him.

Josh Duggar
Josh Duggar | Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

The man, Carl Elchols, alleges that he purchased the property in 2006 from his cousin, Edward Lewis. Elchols allegedly did not file for a deed but did begin paying property taxes on the land. The deed to the land remained in Lewis’ name.

Elchols was allegedly living on the land and paying property taxes up until 2016 when he was informed he could no longer pay taxes on the property because it now belonged to ALC Investments, LLC. ALC Investments, LLC is the investment company that Josh uses to purchase all of his property.

Why is Josh named in the suit?

For those not familiar with property laws, it would appear that the problem is between Elchols and his cousin, Edward Lewis. Josh’s company is named in the lawsuit because Elchols and his attorney are arguing that Josh’s business failed to perform the necessary checks before purchasing the property from Lewis.

Elchols alleges he has a claim to the property because he has been paying taxes on it. The “quiet title” trial is expected to last three days. The goal is to figure out who has rightful ownership of the property and how the involved parties will rectify the dispute. Josh’s company could be on the hook for any taxes they’ve already paid because they failed to do an exhaustive search to figure out the actual owner of the land. It is not known if Josh approached Lewis to buy the property privately or if it was listed for sale.

Is Josh Duggar the only person named in the lawsuit?

While Duggar is the only high-profile name in the lawsuit, he’s not the only individual who is being sued. According to court documents, a man named Edward Lewis is also named in the suit. Lewis is the man who sold Duggar the acreage.

Allegedly, Lewis, whose ownership of the land is hazy at best, sold the property to ALB Investment, LLC in 2016. According to the paperwork, Duggar has never visited the property, and there is no word on what, if anything, he planned to do with the land.

The Duggar family is heavily involved in real estate in the Norwest Arkansas community where they live. Josh’s father, Jim Bob has made the majority of his fortune with his real estate holdings. The vast majority of the family’s portfolio, however, is purchased under an LLC instead of under the family’s name. This is likely done for tax and financial protection purposes. Josh, as an individual, has been removed from the lawsuit.