Josh Duggar’s Wife, Anna, Just Shared Details From Michelle Duggar’s Birthday Celebration

We’ve been watching the Duggars ever since 19 Kids and Counting first aired, and one thing’s for sure — Michelle Duggar seems to never age. While the show started with her and Jim Bob Duggar sharing how they keep up with 19 kids, a ton has changed since the beginning. Michelle is now in her 50s and many of the older kids, like Jessa, Jinger, and Jill, have left the nest and started their own families. There are still plenty of children under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, however, as the youngest, Josie, is just 9 years old.

We love keeping up with all the older Duggar kids on social media, but now, it’s Michelle’s turn in the spotlight. The mom of 19 just had a birthday, and Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, gave all the details.

Michelle Duggar just turned 53 years old

It’s hard to believe Michelle is just 53 years old after having 19 children. But the Duggar Family Instagram confirmed her age — and Jim Bob even wrote his own tribute to his beautiful wife on the page.

“Happy 53rd Birthday to my best friend! I love you, Michelle!!
You are the sweetest wife, a loving mother, and a fun grandmother,” Jim Bob captioned the photo of the two of them with their arms around each other. “You are my #1 encourager, you are my business advisor, and my spiritual accountability partner. You’re my best friend. I am so thankful for the wonderful 35 years of marriage, I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.”

While many adored the message Jim Bob wrote to his wife, others weren’t so impressed. As one follower noted, “I would hope for something a little more romantic, to be honest. … If he [my husband] called me his best friend….and HIS encourager, HIS accountability partner…titles best used for mothers, uncles and coworkers; I would be so depressed. A husband is called by Christ to LOVE their wife.”

Anna Duggar posted details of the celebration

If there’s one Duggar who’s constantly posting what’s going on with the huge family, it’s Anna. Anna is Josh’s wife and is currently expecting his sixth child. Considering what she’s been through with Josh’s past, she’s become quite a polarizing figure, too. But there’s no doubt she gets along quite well with her in-laws and enjoys spending time with them. As evidenced by a recent Instagram post regarding Michelle’s birthday, it’s clear she had a good time celebrating her mother-in-law, too.

“One of my favorite days of the year is celebrating Mom/Grandma Michelle’s Birthday! I’m so thankful for the best and sweetest ‘mother-in-love’ in the world!” Anna captioned her post. And she went on to explain that they had steaks for dinner, ice cream cake for dessert, and plenty of fun going around the room explaining what they love most about Michelle.

Other Duggars are sending their love to Michelle, too

It’s not just Anna who showed her love and admiration for Michelle. Jill Duggar also posted a photo of her with her mom to her Instagram with the caption, “Happy Birthday to my amazing mama! I love you so much and am beyond blessed to have been raised by such wonderful parents!”

Jana Duggar also wrote a sweet tribute. “You are my biggest hero, the one I look up to the most, the one I can share anything with, my best friend, my nurse, biggest cheerleader, teacher, master chef… the list could go on and on…. but above all, you have been my spiritual mentor, the one that continually points me back to Christ!” the older Duggar daughter wrote.

We’re sure Michelle’s living her best life in her 50s, as a lot of the pressure of raising 19 children is off of her shoulders (and Jana’s still around the home to help with the little ones). In another decade, all of the kids will be adults and she can totally relax. Happy birthday, Michelle!

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