Josiah Duggar Posts the Sweetest Message to Lauren For Their Anniversary

Josiah and Lauren Duggar star on the TLC show Counting On. They’ve officially been married for two years, and the two seem to have a great relationship. Josiah is always sweet to his wife on social media, and he just posted an adorable message to Lauren in honor of the couple’s two-year wedding anniversary.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson
Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson | Josiah and Lauren Duggar via Instagram

Lauren and Josiah Duggar got close on a trip to Australia

Josiah and Lauren had known each other for years before things turned romantic. The two initially met at a homeschooling conference in Texas, since they were taught through the same homeschooling program.

They grew to be friends, and Lauren even appeared on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting long before they were courting (fun fact: Joseph’s wife, Kendra Duggar, did as well). But the two only started getting closer when Lauren accompanied the family on a mission trip to Australia and New Zealand. According to Romper, the two were likely already courting by the time Lauren attended the trip, but it probably solidified that they saw major potential in one another.

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The couple went through a tough miscarriage shortly after they wed

Josiah and Lauren tied the knot in 2018, and they didn’t wait long to start a family. Within a few months of their wedding, Lauren learned she was expecting the couple’s first child. However, shortly after the pregnancy excitement began, the two tragically learned they had lost the baby. Lauren had a difficult time moving on from the miscarriage. At one point, she said felt like she didn’t have a purpose in life after losing the baby.

A few months after the loss, the couple learned they were expecting another little girl — a rainbow baby. The two welcomed their daughter, Bella Milagro, in November 2019.

Josiah posted a sweet message to his wife on their anniversary

On June 30, Josiah posted photos of him and his wife to the couple’s Instagram page with a sweet anniversary message. “… I am reminded of the day when I first fell in love with you. It was that, ‘When you know, you know,’ moment,” Josiah wrote. He went on to thank Lauren for encouraging him “to dream bigger” and “inspiring me to drawing closer to Christ.”

Fans loved to see the love between the two as well. “Wishing the perfect pair a perfect day!” sister-in-law Anna Duggar commented. The comments section was filled with “Happy anniversary” throughout, and people seemed excited for Josiah and Lauren to be celebrating two years.

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Josiah has always been an emotional guy

Josiah has never been one to shy away from his emotions. He’s always been sweet to Lauren, including planning a birthday picnic for her, complete with her favorite foods. The two appear to have a strong relationship, and they often express their gratitude for one another on social media.

Lauren first became pregnant at 18, and some fans are convinced the couple will have a large family. They seem to be settling in nicely with their daughter, and it wouldn’t surprise us if the two are ready to announce another pregnancy by the end of the year.