Joss Whedon Reportedly Added or Rewrote About 24 Pages of ‘Justice League’ Script

Ever since Joss Whedon signed on to oversee Justice League reshoots, there has been some question as to how much of the movie he’d actually be changing. Now, a new report suggests that Whedon has altered a pretty significant chunk of the film.

During a recent episode of the Superhero News podcast, Forbes’ Mark Hughes reported exactly how many pages Whedon has apparently added to the Justice League script.

“What I heard is he’s done roughly two dozen, or almost two dozen, pages of new material and rewrites,” Hughes said.

To put that in perspective, a page of a screenplay typically translates to about a minute of screen time, meaning Whedon reportedly wrote and/or rewrote about 24 minutes of material. Assuming Justice League is at least the same length as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, this would mean that roughly 16 percent of Justice League is material that was written by Whedon or at least altered by him.

Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg prepare for battle

Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg in Justice League. | Warner Bros.

Hughes went on to say that he’s also heard that Whedon has cut a number of scenes and characters from the film, and so his contributions extend beyond just those 24 pages.

Last week, Warner Bros. put out a press release in which Joss Whedon was credited as a screenwriter on Justice League. This indicated that he has done a good amount of work on the movie, as the Writer’s Guilt of America specifies that a writer should be given screenwriting credit if they contributed about a third of it. In his podcast appearance, Hughes suggests that between the scenes he’s cut out and added, Whedon likely met this criteria.

“Yes, it’s fair to say that probably a third of the script total, when you add the new pages he wrote, the rewrites that he wrote, the deletion of pages and scenes out of the movie,” Hughes said on the Superhero News podcast. “It probably amounts to enough to qualify for that one-third.”

Joss Whedon. | Mike Windle / Getty Images

When Whedon was initially brought on, some fans wondered whether he would be given a directing credit on the movie. But the Directors Guild of America is generally quite strict about awarding credit to two directors, as they want to discourage studios replacing directors in the middle of the process. Films will often have five or six screenwriters, but rarely do they have two directors unless it’s a team like Phil Lord and Chris Miller or Lana and Lilly Wachowski.

Joss Whedon took over on Justice League after director Zack Snyder stepped aside due to a family tragedy. In August, Ben Affleck told Entertainment Weekly that the movie is now “an interesting product of two directors, both with kind of unique visions, both with really strong takes.”

Justice League will hit theaters on November 17.