Joy-Anna Duggar Answered Her Fans Who Wondered Where Her Son Was While She Went Hunting

Counting On is officially back, and fans can’t wait to see what the Duggars are up to next. Before the new season started airing, we were getting all of our info via social media, as many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are quite active on Instagram. And fans took note of Joy-Anna Duggar’s recent adventurous whereabouts. She and her husband, Austin Forsyth, as well as a few of her brothers, took a trip into the wilderness. But it was clear Joy-Anna and Austin didn’t bring their young son, Gideon, along for the ride.

So, where was Gideon while this trip was taking place? Fans questioned Joy-Anna on her Instagram, and it seems the busy mom finally provided her followers with an answer thanks to her recent post.

Joy-Anna Duggar took a trip with her husband and brothers to Colorado

Many of the Duggars were on trips recently, and they posted about their adventures on Instagram. Jim Bob and Michelle recently took a number of their younger kids as well as Jana, Josh, and John-David on a trip out to visit Jinger in Los Angeles. First, the family took a pit stop at the Grand Canyon and then went on to Phoenix, Arizona, before moving on to California. And while they looked like they had a blast seeing Jinger in her new home state, it was clear a few famous Duggars were missing, including Joy-Anna.

As for what Joy-Anna and Austin were up to, they took a trip to Colorado with a few of the younger Duggar boys. “Y’all! I got to come with the guys this year on their Elk Hunting trip! It’s freezing cold and we have already done a ton of hiking, but we’re excited cuz we’ve already spotted some elk,” Joy-Anna posted about a week ago. She also included a few more photos and videos of the trip, too, including a sweet tribute to Austin that details how he took care of her when the hiking got tough.

Fans wondered where her son, Gideon, was

Joy-Anna’s was out roughing it with Austin and the other Duggar boys for about a week. And she just recently posted her final Instagram photo of the Colorado wilderness and her crew with an update on how it all went. “Going home without any Elk, but with a load full of great memories!” she captioned the post. While many were focused on the ethics of Joy-Anna and Austin hunting deer, many others questioned where their year-old son, Gideon, is.

“Who was lucky enough to watch the baby?” one follower asked. Another wrote, “Where’s Gideon ?” And a few others who follow Joy-Anna and Austin seemed to find the questioning slightly offensive. “Why is it when parents go and do something alone, people ask ‘where’s the kid? Who has the kid?’ Jesus people!! Who cares. Stop being nosey and don’t hid behind ‘ I was just curious,'” another added.

Joy-Anna just answered with an Instagram post

This certainly isn’t the first time Duggar fans have questioned where the kids have been when the parents go on vacation. And while Joy-Anna and Austin don’t have to answer such sensitive information, Joy-Anna did add another photo to her Instagram showing Gideon with Joseph and Kendra Duggar’s son, Garrett. “Thanks @littleduggarfamily for the pic! Missing my baby so much!” Joy-Anna captioned the sweet post of the children.

Joseph and Kendra also commented on the post with, “They are so sweet.” And fans seemed to adore the photo of the two cousins even though they were concerned about Gideon’s whereabouts prior to the photo. Joy-Anna also answered a fan who wondered how close in age the two boys are. “Gideon and Garrett are 3 months apart,” she said. She then added, “They will be so close bless them. They are both absolutely adorable. I have a son and step daughter who are 6 months apart and completely inseparable. We call them the twins.”

It looks like we can expect more posts showing Gideon and Garrett together, then, since they’re seemingly already the best of friends. And fans can stop worrying about where Gideon’s been while his mom and dad were on their grand adventure to Colorado.

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