Joy-Anna Duggar Said She’s Dressing Her Newborn Girl in ‘Ruffles and Bows’ Soon After She Gives Birth

Joy-Anna Duggar took her fans through her miscarriage journey in the summer of 2019. Now, she’s happier than ever, as she and husband Austin Forsyth are expecting a rainbow baby in August 2020.

Joy-Anna keeps sharing her pregnancy journey with her followers via YouTube, and a recent video shows her packing her hospital bag for when the big day arrives. It seems she’s already starting to think about how she’s going to dress her little girl, too, as she mentioned the baby will wear plenty of “ruffles and bows.”

Joy-Anna Duggar is prepping for the birth of her baby girl

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Joy-Anna and Austin have an adorable 2-year-old son, Gideon, and they’ve made it known they can’t wait to expand their family. The couple’s miscarriage in 2019 was incredibly disheartening, as Joy-Anna lost the baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy. But it seems Joy-Anna’s current pregnancy is going as well as she and Austin could have expected. And they’re excited to bring their daughter into the world this August.

Now that Joy-Anna and Austin are approaching the due date, they’re prepping for their stay at the hospital, too. “I am going to pack my hospital bag today,” she told the camera for her YouTube video about hospital preparations. “I figured it’d be good to have the bag ready a month out just in case anything happens when we’re not expecting it ….”

Joy-Anna said she’s going to dress her daughter in very girly clothes

The Duggars are known for abiding by traditional gender roles. The women in the family are expected to take care of the home and not pursue their own career paths while the husbands work. And when it comes to clothing, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar also made their daughters wear long skirts that hit past the knee when they were growing up. Pants, shorts, and shorter skirts were not allowed.

It looks like Joy-Anna is excited to have a little girl to dress up in cute feminine clothes, too. While packing for the hospital, she noted in the video that she was trying to figure out what clothes to bring with her for the baby.

“So, now the fun part is figuring out what outfit I want to bring for the baby,” Joy-Anna tells the camera. And she then sifts through a number of newborn dresses she has.

“I don’t really know what my style is,” Joy-Anna continued. “I think I’ll be pretty girly-girl as far as dressing her up. You know my style. I’m like, very, very casual, like comfortable, casual. But for my baby, I don’t know. I feel like I’m gonna be like, want to dress her up in all the ruffles and bows that I can get.”

The Duggars are notorious for dressing their little girls up with bows

It looks like Joy-Anna certainly isn’t the only Duggar to want to dress their daughter up in ultra-girly garments. We’ve seen photos of Jinger’s daughter, Felicity, in bows and ruffles. And Jessa’s daughter, Ivy, also has plenty of sweet dresses and hairpieces that look perfectly fit for a Duggar child.

Duggar family critics noticed the Duggar women love to dress their daughters the same way, too. Reddit users posted a clip of Jinger, Jana, and Jill talking about a newborn baby’s hat that looks like a football — and they thought of a way to make it perfect for a baby girl.

“If it’s a girl, just clip a little red bow on there,” Jill suggests to Jinger.

“Oh, that’s adorable,” Jinger exclaims.

“You should get a red bow if they have one,” Jill adds. “A little clip bow. I’m sure they one here. And then that way it can be optional, it can be boy or girl.”

The Duggars seem to like what they like — and it’s not slated to change. We’ll have to wait and see how Joy-Anna chooses to dress up her daughter once she arrives!

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