Joy-Anna Duggar Said She’s Going to Tell Her Young Son, Gideon, All About Her Miscarriage

Duggar family followers have mixed feelings about Joy-Anna Duggar. The 22-year-old mom has a 2-year-old son, Gideon — and she frequently posts photos and videos of her life to Instagram and YouTube. In the last year, she’s gotten way more candid with her fans, too. And she continues to post about the miscarriage she had in 2019 to her social media.

Joy-Anna posted a video showing off her July 4th celebrations. And she explained to her close friends that she’s waiting to tell Gideon about the miscarriage until he’s older. Here’s how she’s approaching it.

Joy-Anna Duggar miscarried her second child when she was 20 weeks pregnant

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Joy-Anna was incredibly excited when she was pregnant with her second child, but it came to an end 20 weeks in. She miscarried her baby in July 2019, and she posted a number of photos to display her grief to her Instagram. Now, a year later, Joy-Anna is still taking the time to commemorate the lost baby.

“It’s been a year since we found out that we lost Annabell,” Joy-Anna captioned her photo of her and Austin in the hospital. “I remember leaving our ultrasound appointment, sobbing and wondering how we were ever going to move forward, and so fearful of having to deliver her.”

Despite all of the hardships, Joy-Anna says she’s thankful to God for helping her heal through it. “It hurts to look back at these pictures and remember the pain and heartbreak,” she continued, “but when I do look back I am so thankful for how far we’ve come … how God has given us more joy, peace, & healing than I ever thought we would have again.”

She’s currently pregnant with a little girl

Joy-Anna and Austin still mourn the loss of Annabell, but they’re also excited to announce that they’re expecting another little girl in August 2020.

“Yes… it’s true! @austin4site and I are PREGNANT again!” Joy-Anna captioned her Instagram post that shows off her growing baby belly. “Ahhh!!! It’s been quite the crazy journey these last few months, but we are so thankful that mom and baby are healthy!”

Since then, Joy-Anna’s given her followers more info via YouTube, as she posted a video that details the humble beginnings of the pregnancy. While she had a few health scares in the beginning and feared it might end the same as her last one, everything seems to be A-OK so far. And she gave a 30-week pregnancy update on her Instagram on June 10.

Joy-Anna said she’s going to talk to Gideon about the miscarriage when he’s older

The happy mom posted a video to YouTube celebrating the 4th of July. She, Austin, Carlin Bates, and Bates’ husband visited Austin’s family’s property for fun summer activities. But Joy-Anna also included a tidbit about Annabell’s grave in her video.

Joy-Anna, Austin, and their friends took a walk through Austin’s family’s woodland property to see Annabell’s burial site. And the topic of Gideon came up. Joy-Anna explained that she and Austin brought Gideon up to see the grave, but he likely didn’t understand what was going on.

“Does he kind of understand now?” Carlin asked Joy-Anna.

“I don’t think so,” Joy-Anna answered. “He’s so young that he doesn’t understand that I even have a baby in my belly.”

Joy-Anna explained that she plans on explaining more to Gideon as he ages. “So I don’t think he understands that he would’ve had a sister by now,” she continued. “As he gets older, we’ll show him the pictures and bring him up here every year.”

We loved seeing this very real moment between Joy-Anna and her friends as they discussed their personal lives. And we’re anxious to hear more about Joy-Anna’s growing family.

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