Joy-Anna Duggar Shows Off Her New Home, and ‘Counting On’ Fans Love Her Mismatched Style

After living in a camper for more than a year, Joy-Anna Duggar finally has a home of her own. She and her husband Austin Forsyth have finished renovations on their new house and moved into the home — although the Counting On star admits that it will take some time before they are completely settled in. 

Joy-Anna says she’s happy to not be living in the camper 

Joy-Anna revealed on November 16 that she and her husband had purchased a home. While Austin makes a living renovating and flipping houses, the couple had been living in a cramped trailer, presumably to save some money. But the tight living quarters had clearly begun to wear on Joy-Anna. 

“After a year and a half of camper living we’re so ready!!!😱👏🏼 I love living in the camper, but I’m ready for more space and a little more organization!” she wrote in the Instagram post. 

Now, the new house is ready for Joy-Anna, Austin, and their son Gideon, who is nearly 2. 

There’s still some work to do 

Joy-Anna Duggar
Joy-Anna Duggar | austinandjoyforsyth via Instagram

While Joy-Anna and Austin have moved into the house, there’s still some work to do, she said. 

“We’ve got tons of touch up paint to do and a whole lot of unpacking, but so happy to be moved into our home!!🏡” she wrote. 

The 22-year-old also said that when it came to decorating, the new house was definitely a work in progress. 

“None of our furniture/drapes/decor matches right now and we haven’t got our couches yet, but thankful to be out of the camper before we have another cold front move in!!” she added. 

Previously, she’d said that she was aiming for a “Scandinavian/boho/minimalist style.”

Fans say the mismatched look is fine 

Joy-Anna’s home might not look picture-perfect just yet, but her fans had nothing but compliments, calling the house “gorgeous” and “beautiful.”

Several said she should worry too much about making sure everything matched and instead urged her to embrace her own unique style. 

“Wowza it looks great! Who cares about matching it looks individual and quirky!” commented one. 

“Is it weird that i think its cute unmatching? Haha,” another wrote. 

“Who needs matching decor? That can come later! You have functionality and that’s what really matters!” added someone else. 

Others pointed out that there was no need to rush when it came to deciding on the look for her home. 

“You will have plenty of time to decorate, just spread out, stay warm and try and relax in between boxes. One room at a time,” advised one person. 

Joy-Anna even has a Christmas tree 

While Joy-Anna Duggar is still working on decorating, she has made her home ready for the holidays. In one of the photos she shared to Instagram, a Christmas tree can clearly be seen in one corner. 

Joy-Anna’s parents don’t do a big tree for Christmas, opting instead for a nativity scene and a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” banner. But she and her husband have apparently decided to embrace the Christmas tree tradition (as have several of her siblings). It seems like Joy-Anna and Austin are getting ready to make some happy Christmas memories in their new home.