Joy-Anna Duggar Takes ‘Counting On’ Fans On A Tour Of Her And Austin Forsyth’s Shocking Living Conditions

For someone who has starred on reality shows since she was a small child, you would think we would know more about Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar. However, the 21-year-old has managed to keep her life with husband Austin Forsyth and their one-year-old son Gideon relatively private, and it’s causing fans to ask a lot of questions, the biggest one being – where do Joy-Anna, Austin, and Gideon live?

Joy-Anna Duggar
Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth | The Duggar Family via Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar just invited fans into her home

Joy-Anna recently shared a video on Instagram that gave her followers an update on her living situation, and it was quite shocking. The Counting On star said that for the past year, her family has been living in a fifth-wheel trailer while they build houses to sell.

The most shocking thing about the 32-foot long camper is that the interior is absolutely gorgeous. Yes, it’s small, but it works for the family of three, and Joy-Anna has definitely made it liveable.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” said Joy-Anna Duggar. “It’s a 32-foot long camper. It has three slide-outs. It fits our family great. We’ve been living in it for nine months to a year, and I love it. It’s hard sometimes because you don’t have the bigger kitchen or space, but it works great. Perfect space for us.”

This reality star really knows how to decorate – or maybe she got help from her big sister, Jana. Either way, Joy-Anna has made her small home a beautiful, functional living space.

The 21-year-old shared pics of the small kitchen that features white cabinets and a gas stove, the cozy bedroom with lots of storage, and the main living space that is full of natural light. The entire space has hardwood floors, and it’s truly tiny living at it’s finest.

A Different RV

Not long after Joy-Anna Duggar gave birth to Gideon in February 2018, she shared some pics of their living space after they moved out of a home they had flipped. At the time Joy-Anna, Austin, and Gideon were living in an RV, but it’s not the same one that they are living in now. Their current camper is much bigger than the other one, and a major upgrade.

Joy-Anna didn’t reveal if she and her husband have plans to buy a home for themselves in the near future, but it’s clear their current living situation is allowing them to stash some cash.

Fans were so excited that Joy-Anna Duggar finally shared some pics and a video of her home that the compliments started pouring in.

“This is the cutest camper I’ve seen! Heck I’d live in that,” wrote one fan, with another adding, “Wow! It looks amazing! I didn’t expect the inside to look like that! Great job! Y’all should go on HGTV tiny homes and help ppl get great spaces like y’alls!”

A heartbreaking summer

Joy-Anna Duggar appeared to be in good spirits in the video, and she was all smiles while telling fans about her home. This is quite different compared to what fans saw just a few weeks ago after Joy-Anna and Austin suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage during her second trimester.

Joy-Anna was carrying a daughter that they named Annabell Elise, and she was 20-weeks into her pregnancy when their doctor told them during an appointment that they couldn’t find a heartbeat or see any movement.

At the same time as Joy-Anna Duggar’s heartbreak, five other women in her family are currently expecting – Anna Duggar, Kendra Caldwell, Lauren Swanson, Abbie Grace Burnett, and Cousin Amy Duggar King.

Cousin Amy recently posted a pic that featured the five expecting Duggars showing off their baby bumps, but fans complained that the picture was insensitive considering Joy-Anna’s situation.

“I will delete any mean, crude comment regarding people in my photos. and I will probably block you. Appreciate the post for what it is,” replied King.

Joy-Anna Duggar returns with new episodes of Counting On this October on TLC.