Joy-Anna Duggar’s Followers Are Warning Her About Her Son’s Safety in This Instagram Photo

She may only be 21 years old, but Joy-Anna Duggar is already proving to be one of the most popular members of the Duggar family. The young Duggar daughter is married to Austin Forsyth, and together, they have a 1-year-old son, Gideon. The couple shares their life on social media with the world, too. And while many of their followers are still focused on Joy-Anna’s miscarriage, Joy-Anna and Austin are doing their best to take care of Gideon while they focus on their other creative endeavors, like house flipping.

The Duggars are often criticized for their parenting, and Joy-Anna doesn’t get away unscathed, either. Recently, she posted a few photos to Instagram of her son hugging a dog — and fans freaked out in the comments.

Joy-Anna Duggar posts plenty of photos of her son, Gideon

Joy-Anna and Austin’s 1-year-old son is the center of their universe, and he gets plenty of time on the couple’s Instagram, too. As Duggar followers know, the gigantic family believes children are one of God’s greatest gifts — and it’s rare to ever hear of the Duggars using contraception. While the family has a controversial view of children and how they should be raised, there’s no doubt Joy-Anna and Austin’s child gets a ton of love. And having Gideon around is more important than ever for the couple’s recovery after their miscarriage.

Since Joy-Anna lost the baby, she’s posted photos of holding Gideon close and of him with the other Duggars, like Jim Bob. There are also plenty of sweet photos of Austin and Gideon together on Instagram. Fans adored this Instagram post showing just how close the father and son are already — and we have no doubt that Gideon will be involved in all of Austin’s home projects as he gets older.

She was recently criticized for allowing Gideon to drink coffee

Like her siblings, Joy-Anna is quite candid with what she posts to Instagram — and this sometimes spells trouble for her. On Sept. 12, Joy-Anna posted a photo of little Gideon drinking an iced coffee beverage. “A little coffee to get him through the day. Or maybe not… he already has more energy than I can keep up with,” Joy-Anna captioned her post.

Whether it’s really coffee in the cup or not, fans may never know. But many took to the comments to question Joy-Anna on why she was allowing her toddler to drink the stimulant. “Cute shot but you don’t give a one year old coffee or pop (soda),” one of her followers commented. And another wrote, “You should not give him coffee but so cute.”

Joy-Anna was also slammed for letting Gideon hug a dog

While the coffee incident was enough for many of Joy-Anna’s followers to take to the comments with criticism, another recent photo set of Gideon has even more fans concerned. These photos show Gideon playing with a small dog — and it also depicts the child attempting to hug the dog as the dog’s moving away quickly. “‘Hey there, Pudge… I love you, Pudge!’ I guess Pudge isn’t a fan of hugs,” Joy-Anna captioned her post with a crying and laughing emoji.

Many of the Duggar’s followers thought the post was cute, but others had concerns that Gideon was giving the dog way too much love. “It’s not funny to make your dog this uncomfortable,” one follower captioned the post. Another wrote, “The little boy is precious and no doubt loves his dog, but the little dog looks uncomfortable…if the dog were to bite, who would get the blame….” Yet another added, “I know. He’s a great dog. But no matter what, ye push ANY dog too far, things will happen very quickly and in general….the DOG is the one punished. Allow the child a touch but then remove him from the face of the dog.”

Despite the critique, we’re sure this is far from the last post of Gideon we’ll see on Joy-Anna and Austin’s Instagram!

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