Joy Behar Said She Cried When This Co-Host Left ‘The View’

ABC’s hit daytime talk show The View just hit a milestone last week. Airing their 5,000th show on November 7, the all female-paneled show has been a mainstay on the airwaves since 1997.

Though the current team – Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain, and Abby Huntsman – seems to have formed a solid chemistry, the show has seen its share of exiting co-hosts. Behar recently revealed the loss of this panelist is the one that hit her the hardest.

“The View’s” Joy Behar | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Long-running history

Behar is one of the original panelists since the show’s launch on August 11, 1997. She’s appeared on every season except for 17 and 18, often bringing comedic relief to the table. The co-host credits the current team’s bond as a main factor for the show’s recent notoriety.

“Well, they always said this is a franchise — this show — and it will exist, but really, I don’t know if that’s true,” Behar said, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I think that this particular group has a lot of good chemistry that we have now. If you don’t have good chemistry, the show will go off the air.”

Relationship with McCain

Being a vocal liberal Democrat, Behar is often at odds with conservative Republican McCain. While the two frequently battle over political differences, Behar feels that they have helped each other be a little more willing to meet in the middle – well, somewhat.

“We’re both becoming a little bit more, um, not moderate, but we’ve sort of become… Like, we’re not so adamant about our positions… Like today, I was talking about how, you know, I think a moderate needs to win the election to beat [President Donald] Trump,” Behar recalled. “Originally, I would say I wanted Elizabeth Warren because she was new stuff and she was exciting. But I’m not sure that she could pull it off. So, now I’m in reality again and I think you have changed your positions a little bit, moderated them, modified.”

McCain agreed, also recognizing the relationships the panel has formed. “I also think we’ve been through a lot in the Trump years,” she said. “And I think it’s like this specific moment in time makes us all bond together because this show is such triggers for the left and the right. And people go crazy for all of us and I think you have to be in a team together.”

An especially difficult departure

A myriad of co-hosts have served on the panel of The View, eventually departing for other opportunities or sometimes contentious reasons. High-profile names such as Jenny McCarthy, Rosie O’Donnell, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Star Jones, and Rosie Perez have had their time at the table only to move on and leave a seat empty for the next co-host.

Behar recently revealed that one co-hosts exit saddened her to the point of tears. Veteran journalist Meredith Vieira, who was also an original panelist along with Behar, left The View after nine seasons to take her spot at the Today Show news desk, leaving Behar feeling particularly wistful.

“I’m gonna tell you something, the day that she left I cried,” Behar shared, according to Entertainment Tonight. “That was the only time I’ve only ever cried on this show. I cried because she was my only pal.”

With the new crew going strong, Behar seems to be in her element whether it’s bonding with fellow Dems or sparring with McCain. The current panel looks like they will be staying at the table for quite some time.

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