Joy Duggar’s Husband, Austin Forsyth, Was On a Reality Show Long Before ‘Counting On’

Joy Duggar married Austin Forsyth in 2017, and the two have one son together. Duggar is several years younger than her sisters Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, but once she wed, she became an integral part of Counting On. However, it turns out that Forsyth actually was on a reality show prior to marrying into the Duggar family.

joy-Anna Duggar Austin Forsyth
joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth | Austin and Joy Forsyth via Instagram

Duggar and Forsyth wed in May 2017

The two met through church about 15 years before they actually started courting. They both attended a Baptist church in Arkansas, and Duggar said she’d had a crush on Forsyth for pretty much her entire life. Then, as Duggar got older, Forsyth started to see her in a different light, and the two started courting (though some fans suggest Jim Bob Duggar had a role in setting them up). Though they were supposed to get married in October 2017, they decided to move their wedding up by five months and wed in May 2017. Nine months later, they welcomed their first child, Giddeon Forsyth.

The two both come from very strict families

Growing up, Duggar and Forsyth lived in very strict households. The two were never allowed to date anyone — they could only court with the intention of marrying. And everything they did was in the name of the Lord. They would spend most of their time at church, and Duggar had a very strict homeschool program that greatly involved religious teachings. While Forsyth’s house rules are a less clear, Duggar was not allowed to watch television or listen to modern music because it could expose the children to inappropriate thoughts and scenes. The kids also weren’t allowed to dance, and they never played sports.

Forsyth was actually on ‘World’s Strictest Parents’ several years ago

Though Forsyth has a recurring role these days on Counting On, that’s not actually the first reality television show he was a part of. His family also appeared on World’s Strictest Parents several years back. The concept of the show follows two teenagers who are sent to a very strict household to learn life lessons and see proper parenting. On Forsyth’s family’s episode, there is a strong focus on religion, and Forsyth’s parents require the teenagers to join the family at church. The episode received criticism because one of the teens was Jewish, but the family still made her attend. It was a peek into the strict upbringing Forsyth had.

Duggar and Forsyth appear to be raising their family the way they were raised

Now that Duggar and Forsyth have grown up and moved out of their parents’ homes, they appear to be following exactly in their parents’ footsteps. While some Duggars, such as Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo, are creating new paths for themselves, Duggar and Forsyth are living in Arkansas and seem to be carving out a very similar life to the way they were raised. Duggar, who is only 21, announced her second pregnancy this year. Unfortunately, she lost the baby at 20 weeks, but fans were surprised to learn she was having a second child only a year after her first.