‘Counting On:’ Joy Duggar’s Recent Instagram Video Proves Parenting Isn’t Always Easy

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth of Counting On are already getting ready for their second child while still navigating the world of parenting with their first. The two have a young son, Gideon, who has given them some laughs in his first year of life. But Duggar’s recent Instagram video proves parenting is quite a trip.

Austin and Joy Forsyth
Austin and Joy Forsyth are parents to a son, Gideon | Austin and Joy Forsyth via Instagram

Some people suspected Duggar and Forsyth got pregnant before their wedding

Duggar and Forsyth did something interesting prior to getting married. Their wedding, which was originally planned for the fall of 2017, got moved up to May of the same year only about a week before it actually happened. For a reason that fans still aren’t sure about, they suddenly pushed their date up by five months. And less than nine months later, their first son was born. Fans put two and two together and suspected the couple had gotten pregnant before their wedding. However, the Duggars traditionally don’t believe in premarital sex, so the family would likely never reveal if something like that actually happened.

Their son recently got his diaper caught on a chair, and fans were hysterical

The Duggars tend to post many photos of their children online. Some of them receive criticism from fans questioning their parenting techniques, but some of them are just down right adorable — even if they prove that parenting comes with a new problem every day. On June 19, Duggar posted a hilarious photo and video of her son Gideon’s diaper caught on the chair of their family room. In the video, it’s evident that his diaper got caught on the lever of the reclining chair, and he’s not quite sure what to do. The family laughs at the situation, and Gideon laughs too; fans thought the whole ordeal was hysterical.

The two previously took some heat for missing Gideon’s first birthday

Both the photo and video cracked fans up, but the couple’s followers haven’t always been on their side when it comes to Gideon. A little while back, Duggar and Forsyth decided to take a weekend getaway during their son’s first birthday — and Gideon was not included in the trip. Fans slammed them for missing such an important moment in their baby’s life. Duggar’s sister, Jessa Duggar, came to the new parents’ defense by saying Gideon had no idea it was his birthday and the couple didn’t deserve so much criticism. The new parents most likely celebrated when they got home.

Fans were concerned when Duggar announced a second pregnancy so soon

Although people seem to adore Duggar and Forsyth’s little one, fans were unpleasantly surprised when the couple announced they are expecting their second child in the fall. People felt that Duggar was far too young to already be the mother of two children, and Gideon only just turned one; they didn’t wait very long to watch him grow before getting pregnant again. Fans said the same thing about Joe and Kendra Duggar; Kendra is only 20 years old and pregnant with the couple’s second child. However, Forsyth and Duggar seem excited about baby no. 2, so we’re happy for them.

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