Judge Mathis Caught Up in His Own Case With Valet Who Says He Spit on Him

Judge Greg Mathis is being accused of an unsavory crime, forcing him to address the matter publicly. The reality star judge of the hit court tv show, Judge Mathis, is under investigation for an incident that happened on Friday night in Detroit. Now, the law has gotten involved.

Judge Greg Mathis
Judge Greg Mathis | Getty Images/Santiago Felipe

Mathis has been of accused of spitting on a valet driver

The judge reportedly got into a verbal altercation with a valet outside of a restaurant in the Greektown section of Detroit. According to Fox 2 Detroit, the valet driver, Charles Smith, was working at Flood’s Bar and Grille and was tasked with parking and retrieving Mathis’s car, a Rolls Royce.

Speaking on his client’s behalf, Smith’s attorney, Karri Mitchell, claims that Mathis was angry about how long it took him to bring him his car and cursed and spit on him.

“He got irate started cussing and then the last thing he did was spit on him. And he bragged about it after he spit on him. This is according to my client’s account and several witnesses that I spoke with also.”

But Mathis disputes the story and maintains that he did not spit on the man, and instead had a verbal exchange over why Smith took so long. He’s accusing the driver of being missing from the valet area for 40 minutes, driving around in his vehicle, and making a trip to the store. Mathis filmed a video to tell his side of the story.

Mathis added that there were about six witnesses who saw what happened and at one point the restaurant owner’s son offered to address the it. To that, “I said, ‘No. Let it go,’ and that was the extent of it.”

Police are investigating

Smith called the Detroit Police Department to file a report by phone and they are currently investigating. Per The Detroit News, Sergeant Nicole Kirkwood confirmed they were looking into the complaint, but would not name names:

“Preliminarily, we got a report that the victim was working valet parking at the time, when the suspect allegedly spit on him. Apparently, the suspect became upset over whether the victim had his car keys, so the suspect allegedly spit on him.”

At this time, no charges have been filed against Mathis and the police are continuing to sort things out.

Judge Mathis insists this is just for money; lawyer wants DNA test

During his video chat, Mathis alluded to the idea that the valet is attempting to make a case out of this because he’s a celebrity. By doing so, Mathis says Smith is making a “money grab.” As a rebuttal, Smith’s attorney is dismissing Mathis’s claim that the valet’s actions warranted him yelling and losing his temper:

“What if it took 40 minutes? So what it took 40 minutes? What if it took 50 minutes? That does not give the right for somebody to spit on someone else. Be patient. You’re supposed to have judicial temperament.”

Apparently both Mathis and Mitchell know each other from legal circles and do not have a jovial relationship. A new report from Page Six says that Mitchell claims the judge spat on his client’s face and shirt, and he plans on conducting a DNA test to prove it.