Julie Andrews Has Some Words Of Advice For Meghan Markle

Since her relationship with Prince Harry was first made public, Duchess Meghan Markle has been subjected to disdain and ridicule from the press and public. The former actress has been the victim of bullying, racist attacks, sexism and everything in between. While the British Royal Family’s typical reaction to this sort of thing has been no reaction at all, Markle and Prince Harry are doing things very differently.

During their recent 10-day royal tour in Africa, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got candid about the toll that the being in the spotlight and the ruthless press has taken on them. In the ITV documentary: Harry And Meghan: An African Journey — Markle near the verge of tears, expressed that she’s really, “not OK” in the midst of all of this. 

Around the same time the documentary aired, Prince Harry announced that he had filed lawsuits against several publishers for their continued harassment of his wife and family. While many sources close to the British Royal Family have been said to be horrified by both Markle’s remarks in the documentary and the prince’s lawsuit –there is one very famous Brit who is on their side.

Julie Andrews supports Meghan Markle and Prince Harry pushing back against the press

The legendary actress was recently on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to promote her new memoir, Home Work. Cohen and the Mary Poppins icon chatted briefly about the royals — and Andrews brought up on her own past battles with the press.

The Sound of Music legend revealed that many moons ago, the British press claimed that she and her husband, Blake Edwards, were in some sort of romantic entanglement with late Hollywood legend, Rock Hudson. Though she was advised to say nothing, Andrews spoke up for herself. She told Cohen,

I don’t know how we could have had time to do that. Two tabloids were going absolutely crazy about me at the time, and I decided that for a change I’d really put my foot down. So I sued them both, despite everybody saying ‘don’t do it,’ I did it. And I won and I got retractions in the same size print as the articles themselves, and I gave the money to charity.

A queen.

Julie Andrew’s advice to Meghan Markle

The Princess Diaries alum not only shared her personal story, but she also wanted to let the royals know (Markle in particular) that it’s OK to clapback. She explained,

You know it’s very hard for the royals to do that. They’re owned by Britain, by the country. So it’s very hard for them to sue. They’re not normally allowed to. I hope she does.

What will happen if Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle win their lawsuit?

Royals, including Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, have sued the tabloids and won in the past. Though it’s not clear what Markle and Prince Harry are asking for in damages, we do know that if they win, they will donate the money to an anti-bullying charity organization.

Hopefully, if they win — it will curb the horrendous treatment that Markle is receiving from the press.