Jungkook Holds a Lamb in a ‘BTS: Bon Voyage’ Clip and It’s the Softest Thing Ever

It’s just another day spent crying over Jungkook. A new preview clip for season 4 of BTS: Bon Voyage showed Jungkook holding a lamb, and ARMY is really going through it. The scene of Jungkook holding the lamb is only a few seconds long, but it’s quite possibly the cutest thing to ever exist.

BTS Jungkook
Jungkook of BTS | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp

BTS fans reacted to the clip of Jungkook on social media

Big Hit Entertainment released a video titled “BTS: Bon Voyage Season 4 Ep.0” on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel. The video shows how BTS decided to travel to New Zealand for the new season of BTS: Bon Voyage. At the end of the video, a new preview for the TV show played.

In the preview, there is a small clip of Jungkook holding a lamb while Jimin takes pictures of him. The short clip became the talk of Twitter as BTS fans shared how cute the interaction was.

“Here is the cutest, fluffiest, most innocent and purest tiny little creature in the world. And a baby lamb,” a fan tweeted.

“jungkook holding a lamb….. this is the single most precious thing i’ve ever seen,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“I woke up & Jungkook is cuddling a lamb. This day has already peaked,” one fan tweeted.

“why do bad days exist when there’s jungkook with a lamb,” wrote a Twitter user.

ARMY remembered Jungkook’s favorite food

While ARMY fawned over the clip of Jungkook holding the lamb, some fans remembered that Jungkook’s favorite food is lamb skewers. Some BTS fans then wondered if Jungkook will be able to eat his favorite food after meeting such a cute lamb.

“that moment when you’re there smiling softly and basically melting ’cause of how precious jungkook looks while holding that lamb but then it hits you- what’s jungkook’s favorite food ? exactly,” wrote a Twitter user.

“jungkook ah, how are you gonna eat lamb skewers after this…..,” one fan tweeted.

Jungkook’s long hair made a reappearance in the ‘BTS: Bon Voyage’ preview

Jungkook grew out his hair for most of 2019, but cut it after BTS’s concert in Saudi Arabia. The singer cut his hair because of how difficult it was to manage, but BTS fans around the world miss Jungkook’s long hair. To fans’ delight, BTS filmed season 4 of BTS: Bon Voyage in September 2019, a month before Jungkook cut his hair. This means ARMY will have a whole season of BTS: Bon Voyage to appreciate Jungkook’s long hair.

Before the new BTS: Bon Voyage preview came out a BTS fan tweeted, “it’s a tradition that every time jungkook gets a new haircut or hair colour that we scream at eachother on the timeline and trend ‘jungkooks hair.'”

Sure enough, after the preview came out on YouTube, BTS fans started tweeting about Jungkook’s hair.

“The way Jungkook looks so gorgeous and stunning with his long fluffy hair is truly the most beautiful thing ever,” wrote a Twitter user.