Just Try Watching This Dwyane Wade Budweiser Commercial Without Ugly Crying

Sometimes it takes a national beer brand to make someone realize their impact.

Throughout his final season, basketball superstar Dwyane Wade has been spotted swapping jerseys with some of the biggest stars in the NBA. But he was humbled during a recent Budweiser ad called “This Bud’s For 3.” During the spot, Wade stands waiting to encounter five mystery guests. What happens next has a lot of fans reaching for their tissue boxes.

During the season Wade has swapped jerseys with friends, foes and obscure players alike. But as his 15-year NBA career winds to a close, he never expected to see a few very special pieces of apparel added to the mix.

Who were the mystery guests in the Dwyane Wade Budweiser ad?

 It doesn’t look like acting – when Wade stands there anticipating his surprise guests, it’s clear he has no idea what to expect.

One of those people is Andrea Ghersi. She’s the sister of Parkland shooting victim Joaquin Oliver who Wade honored by wearing shoes with his name on them during a game in February. At the meeting, Ghersi explains to Wade, “You mean so much to us, and my brother loved you from the beginning.” Her brother was even buried in a Wade jersey.

But most touching of all? That moment when Andrea Ghersi presents Dwyane Wade with her brother’s basketball jersey to add to his collection.

Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade | Harry How/Getty Images

Even Dwyane Wade’s mom made an appearance

At first it’s unclear why Wade’s mom JoLinda shows up – unless you know something about her story. As a former drug addict, she makes a heartfelt speech to her superstar son.

“You were the joy of my life, but that day that I just couldn’t do it no more,” she says. “That day was the day that I had to turn myself in, and I could just see the tears fall from your eyes.”

Even though JoLinda went through some tough times, her son was always there for her and supported her through life’s trials.

Dwyane Wade with his mom
Dwyane Wade with his mom | Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images

“Your mama went down a road, Dwyane, that I didn’t ever think I would come back from,” JoLinda explains during her speech. “But on that road, I noticed you kept showing up. Dwyane, because you believed in me, when I got out of prison, I was a different woman.”

At one point, Dwyane Wade bought his mom a church – an act she thanks him for during the ad. Her contribution to his jersey collection is a purple robe that’s meant to signify royalty.

Then she says: “I am more proud of the man you have become than the basketball player. You are bigger than basketball.”

Seriously, cue the waterworks!

What did Dwyane Wade think of the ad?

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Watching Wade’s reaction during the spot is so meaningful – it’s clear he didn’t realize the scope of impact he had on his family and the larger community. In an interview, he thanked everyone for their continued love and support.

“Throughout the year, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my basketball career and thank so many teammates, coaches and mentors who have impacted me on the court,” he said.

“Thanks to Budweiser for reminding me that my connection to people is bigger than basketball,” he continued. “While my basketball career is coming to a close in the coming days, my relationship with my fans will only continue to grow.”

We wish him all the best for the future!