‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut: 5 DCEU Movies that Could Happen Next

The DC Extended Universe might have had a rough start. But the franchise has largely found its creative footing in the past few years. The turning point arguably was the failure of Justice League. That 2017 misfire inspired the DCEU to focus on standalone movies. But now the Justice League Snyder cut could change things.

Depending on how the movie is received, Zack Snyder’s version could replace the theatrical cut in the canon. And if that happens, then all bets are off. Justice League could directly impact the DCEU slate. Here are a few movies that could happen now after the Justice League Snyder cut.

A fan cosplays as Deathstroke from the DC Universe
A fan cosplays as Deathstroke from the DC Universe | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

‘David Ayer’s Suicide Squad’

Almost immediately following the Justice League Snyder cut news, fans began to discuss Suicide Squad. Like Snyder, director David Ayer’s vision was compromised by the studio. Reshoots drastically changed the movie’s tone and direction. Entire subplots were removed entirely.

So if Snyder’s movie could be fixed, perhaps there’s a chance for the Suicide Squad Ayer cut. According to the director, his cut is much closer to completion. So David Ayer’s Suicide Squad wouldn’t even require a substantial investment on Warner Bros.’ part.


In the theatrical Justice League, actor Joe Manganiello briefly appears as DC villain Deathstroke in a post-credits scene. The moment sets up a villainous team organized by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). But Manganiello teased fans about the original post-credits scene.

Following the Justice League Snyder cut news, the actor took to Twitter with a hint about how the movie almost ended. Manganiello’s Deathstroke reportedly would have played a role in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie. If the character makes an impression, a Deathstroke movie could happen.

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‘Man of Steel 2’

Henry Cavill isn’t going anywhere as Superman, according to Deadline. Of course, another Justice League movie is probably inevitable. But this also means Man of Steel 2 might be back on the table. After years of uncertainty, the Snyder cut could reaffirm Cavill’s role.

Perhaps the HBO Max project might even usher Snyder back into the DCEU. The director had a long-term vision for these characters. Now he’s mended fences with Warner Bros. and DC. Fans could see more of his plans play out in the DCEU. Even without Snyder, a Man of Steel sequel is looking likely.

‘Justice League 2’

If Snyder does stick around, it’s possible that the Justice League Snyder cut could key up a sequel. The addition of Darkseid might hint at a larger confrontation to come between him and the team. After all, this was the plan before Warner Bros. abandoned Snyder’s version.

Such a turn of events is admittedly a bit of a stretch right now. But so was the potential for Warner Bros. to spend tens of millions to complete the Snyder cut. Fans will just have to wait and see whether the new Justice League convinces Warner Bros. to keep that story alive.

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Of the main Justice League team members, Cyborg has been treated the worst. The character — played by Ray Fisher in the DCEU — should have starred in his own movie by now. Despite the character’s potential, Cyborg gently faded from the schedule over time.

Fans expect the Justice League Snyder cut will restore much of Cyborg’s backstory and screen time. So, if the audience responds well, then Fisher might be able to mount a comeback in future DCEU projects. With any luck, that could include the Cyborg movie itself.