Justin Bieber Isn’t Quite Ready to Make a Comeback

When Justin Bieber first burst on the music scene in 2009, fans were enthralled by the perky, mop-topped teenager. People compared him to The Beatles and raved about his singing and dancing skills. Still, over the years, Bieber has suffered his share of very public trials and tribulations. These days, Bieber is on a self-imposed hiatus from music, but fans are pining for new projects from the young artist.

Justin Bieber’s early career

Justin Bieber | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The year 2010 was a big one for Bieber: His album My World 2.0 went platinum, and fans all over the world were obsessed with Bieber’s unique look and sound. Over the next several years, his star would only continue to rise, as a succession of other tunes became hits.

In the midst of all his musical triumphs, Bieber entered into a romance with fellow young star Selena Gomez. The two would go on to break up and then get back together several times, triggering issues with the paparazzi that would last for years.

In 2014, Bieber suffered from a slew of negative publicity. He was arrested for a DUI and then again later that same year for assault, all of which prompted comedian Seth Rogen to call him out as a “piece of s***.” Finally, the music started to suffer. In 2017, Bieber was 18 months into his record-breaking “Believe” world tour when he canceled the remaining dates on the tour, citing “unforeseen circumstances.”

Why did Justin Bieber go on hiatus?

In late 2018, Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony. The move surprised a lot of Bieber’s fans, who had seen the couple’s relationship progress from “just friends” to boyfriend and girlfriend, before breaking up and then getting back together. Still, their marriage seemed to trigger the start of a whole new beginning for Bieber, who put himself on a hiatus from the music industry around the same time that he married Baldwin.

Bieber has long been in the practice of sharing his innermost thoughts with his fans on Instagram and opened up shortly after his marriage with a revealing Instagram post. He stated that he had gotten used to touring all throughout his teenage years and into his early 20s, and wasn’t at all happy during his last tour. The pop star went on to say that in order to address some “deep-rooted issues” that he has, he is choosing to focus his time and effort on his marriage and his own personal well-being, rather than on music. He did promise his fans that he will come back with a “kick-ass album ASAP” but did not set an exact date or timeframe for when fans can expect to see him get back to work on new projects. 

When will Justin Bieber start making music again?

Bieber and Baldwin might be working hard on their marriage, but they don’t mind opening up to fans. In a recent Instagram post, Bieber shared an image of himself at his church, where he got up and sang in front of the congregation. Bieber stated that he is going through a “hard season” but that his wife provides undeniable support.

It seems as though Bieber isn’t quite ready to come back from his hiatus just yet, although the church performance is certainly promising. Between the issues that he admittedly still suffers from and the upcoming, larger wedding ceremony that he and Baldwin want to have, there is still plenty of work for him to do before he turns his thoughts to a new album.