Justin Bieber’s Clothing Line Is Making the Internet Go Crazy

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While many celebrities and musicians wind up creating clothing or accessory lines for their fans to enjoy, they all experience varying degrees of success. The latest star to drop a signature clothing line is Justin Bieber, the former child star with a wild reputation. For months, Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin teased the impending launch of the line, to finally debut it on January 29th. The reaction to Justin Bieber’s clothing line was swift – and not exactly positive.

Justin Bieber’s style evolution

When he first appeared on the music scene in 2008, at the age of 14, Bieber was lauded as a genuine child prodigy. Between his clear, soaring vocals and signature dance moves (not to mention the haircut that launched a thousand teenage girl crushes) Bieber quickly became one of the biggest stars in the world. Teens everywhere tried to copy his style, a blend of hip-hop and classic influences that appealed to a wide audience.

As he grew older, Bieber started to experience controversy. Throughout 2013 and 2014, Bieber racked a staggering array of legal issues, including a reckless driving charge, driving under the influence, vandalism, dangerous driving, and more. His image changed along with his maturing voice, and suddenly, parents weren’t as comfortable letting their children listen to Bieber’s music. In the midst of all of his struggles, Justin Bieber underwent a style evolution. He transitioned from his formerly polished appearance to a more relaxed one, with a penchant for comfortable clothes and long, unkempt hair. 

The past couple of years, Justin Bieber has slowed down a great deal. He hasn’t been in trouble with the law since 2017 since the Chinese government banned him from performing in China. Perhaps some of the reason for Bieber’s steadier nature can be attributed to the influence of his wife, Hailey Baldwin. The two young celebrities experienced a whirlwind romance and tied the knot in late 2018, in a civil ceremony. Baldwin has reportedly been helping Bieber in the development and launch of his clothing line.

Why are people hating on Bieber’s clothing line?

Starting in late 2018, Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin started to be seen in public wearing various casual wear clothing items with the word “Drew” printed across them. As Bieber’s middle name is Drew, fans immediately started speculating that the teasing could be related to a possible clothing launch. Neither Bieber or Baldwin would confirm or deny the rumors, but on January 29th, the speculation ended when the ‘Drew House’ collection was released. The website proclaimed that ‘Drew House’ was a place where fans could be themselves, and to “come chill” and shop for a while.

The internet went into an uproar over the pieces and immediately started pointing out the undeniable similarities to Kanye West’s highly successful clothing line. Both clothing lines are composed of casual, relaxed-wear pieces in neutral colors like camel and corduroy. However, many online critics also claimed that while Bieber’s line closely paralleled West’s, Bieber’s was actually the much uglier of the two. Price was also a factor in many social media posts, with various fans claiming that the prices were outrageous. Indeed, the cheapest piece in the ‘Drew House’ line is a $48 loose-fitting tee.

Even with all the uproar, Bieber’s fans pulled through, and the entire line sold out in short order. There has been no word yet on a possible restock, but it’s likely, what with the overwhelming success of the line. It seems that in spite of the internet’s harsh words, the power of celebrity still holds a great deal of sway over buyers.