K Camp’s Manager Joined ‘Renegade’ Dance Creator Jalaliah Harmon’s Team

TikTok, the video dance platform that has taken the world by storm, is responsible for launching a whole new generation of social media stars. In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, new content creators are flocking to the platform, in hopes of pushing out videos that inspire, delight, and entertain people all over the world. One of the most popular dances on TikTok is the “Renegade” dance, which has been performed by social media stars like Charli D’Amelio as well as music superstars like Lizzo. Still, few know the story behind the dance and the surprising way that the creator of the dance ended up finding the spotlight after all. 

K Camp pointing to his left on stage wearing sunglasses
K Camp | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Who is K Camp?

All of the best TikTok dances are performed to songs, from rousing hip-hop jams to classic rock beats. The “Renegade” dance is no exception. Set to the hit song “Lottery” by the rapper K Camp, the song likely helped propel the original video to popularity. Released in 2019, “Lottery” is K Camp’s biggest song to date, although he is also responsible for songs such as “Cut Her Off” and “Money Baby.”

K Camp began making music in high school and released his debut EP in 2014. “Cut Her Off” was the hit single from the EP, and it helped K Camp garner early popularity with artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross. Although K Camp has enjoyed some moderate success in the years since “Cut Her Off” was released, it wasn’t until “Lottery” hit the airwaves in 2019 that he really started making waves in the music industry. Surprisingly enough, much of that success in recent months can be attributed to a young girl named Jalaliah Harmon.

Who is Jalaliah Harmon?

Jalaliah Harmon is a fourteen-year-old girl from Georgia, who had a fondness for Instagram and a flair for dance. In late 2019, she uploaded a video to her Instagram page that featured her dancing to the song “Lottery.” Her choreography caught on like wildfire, and within a matter of weeks, social media stars were recording and uploading their own versions of what became known as the “Renegade” dance. 

Unfortunately, Harmon’s name was lost in the mix, and even as her choreography was becoming wildly popular, no one realized that she was, in fact, the original creator of the viral dance. Harmon found out that her dance was being copied, and tried to make her story known, but to no avail. As she recently admitted, she was “excited and frustrated because they weren’t tagging me or giving me credit.”

Jalaliah Harmon finally received recognition 

After weeks of reaching out, Harmon made contact with a reporter from the New York Times. The reporter wrote a profile piece on Harmon and the dance she created, resulting in a media firestorm. Soon, everyone wanted to talk to the young girl who was responsible for such a powerful piece of viral content. Harmon appeared on daytime talk shows, performed at an NBA All-Star Game, and even teamed up with K Camp himself to record a short video.

These days, Harmon is well on her way to stardom. She signed with a talent agency and has expanded her team to include several powerful people, including K Camp’s manager. Long term, the young girl wishes to become a choreographer, but that dream is likely still years in the future. For now, Harmon will bask in the glow of her success, and enjoy the fact that she is finally receiving the recognition that she so richly deserves.