Kailyn Lowry Has A Serious Problem with Lauren Comeau’s Instagram Feed

Kailyn Lowry has been pretty clear about her disinterest inJavi Marroquin’s fiancé, Lauren Comeau. The mother of three has made it known that she doesn’t feel like she has to have a relationship with Lauren just because they were both involved with the same man. There is one thing, however, that Comeau is doing on Instagram that has Kailyn bothered, and she aired out that information on her podcast, Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley.

What is Lauren doing that annoys Kailyn?

Lauren first suggested that she had no interest in being a part of the Teen Mom 2 universe. In fact, it took a long time before she appeared on the show, but now that she shares a child with Javi and has plans of sharing her life with him, her stance is changing.

While Lowry seems somewhat irritated with Comeau’s involvement in Teen Mom 2, what has her peeved is her Instagram activity. The new mom on the block has been cashing in on her new found fame by offering up sponsored posts to her followers. Her fame obviously comes from being with Javi, whose fame came from being with Lowry. The soon-to-be stepmom, however, has taken it a step further and is featuring Lincoln in her sponsored posts. Lincoln is Kailyn’s son with Javi.

Kailyn thinks Lincoln is being used by Comeau

Comeau seems to take a pretty active role in dealing with parenting stuff with Javi, but Lowry still doesn’t think she has a right to include the 5-year-old on Instagram. Lowry explained during her podcast that Lincoln, as well as his brothers, Isaac and Lux, both get cash for their involvement on her sponsored posts.

The busy mother of three explained that she is very careful to negotiate fees for her three boys when they appear in posts. She also notes that they do not have to perform if they do not want to. Lowry stated that Comeau is not doing the same for Lincoln when he does take part in her growing influencer career, and that simply isn’t fair.

Lauren isn’t the first new love that Kailyn’s had an issue with

While Lowry has a definite point about the use of Lincoln’s image in sponsored posts, this isn’t the first time she’s taken issue with a girl that waltzed into one of her former loves’ lives. Kailyn famously had problems with Vee, who began dating Jo Rivera after the pair parted ways. Vee and Jo have since married and share a child.

Vee and Lowry have since mended their relationship and work well together, but things weren’t always copesetic. Lowry once took issue with Vee smoking marijuana during the show’s earlier seasons. Lowry also had a significant problem with Briana DeJesus.

DeJesus joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 when her own series, Teen Mom 3 failed to connect with viewers. DeJesus than began dating Javi, which sent Lowry into a tailspin. The pair’s drama culminated in a massive fight during a reunion special taping. The physical altercation required security to break it up.