Kaitlyn Bristowe Mentioned Her ‘Anxiety’ on Instagram After Slamming ‘The Bachelor’ Creator

Whether you’re a fan of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise, there’s at least one show within the reality TV megaseries that can capture your attention. And after seeing so many Bachelor Nation stars find love (or heartbreak) on the show, fans grow quite attached to their favorites. And it seems Kaitlyn Bristowe has attained quite a following since making an appearance on The Bachelor and being The Bachelorette.

Nowadays, Bristowe keeps up with her followers via social media and her podcast. And she recently spoke her truth regarding Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss. Here’s what she said and what she posted to Instagram after her commentary got major attention.

‘The Bachelor’ creator Mike Fleiss has been under fire in the past

Executive producer of 'The Bachelor' Mike Fleiss
Executive producer of ‘The Bachelor’ Mike Fleiss speaks during National Judges Press Conference for Miss America 2012 | Steven Lawton/FilmMagic

Before Kaitlyn Bristowe’s drama, there were major issues with Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss that have seemingly flown under the radar. Variety noted back in July that Mike was accused of attacking his wife, Laura Fleiss, on July 4. The documents obtained by Variety noted Laura filed for an emergency domestic violence restraining order against Mike after he allegedly attacked her. Mike also allegedly “demanded” she get an abortion, as she was pregnant at the time.

Laura went on to explain that Mike wanted only one child with her, and his rage intensified when she was pregnant with their second baby. “While Mike has frequently been verbally abusive towards me during our marriage, in recent weeks, he has become enraged, due to the fact I am pregnant with our second child. Mike told me many times that he did not want us to have a second child,” she said.

Not only that, but Mike has also publicly feuded with other celebrities, like Ellen Pompeo and Kelly Ripa.

Kaitlyn Bristowe shared that she thinks Mike Fleiss ‘hates women’

Kaitlyn Bristowe isn’t holding back her negative feelings toward Mike. People reports Bristowe went on the Talkhouse Podcast and explained that Mike is the reason she’ll never go on Dancing with the Stars. “Anybody that listens to this podcast knows why I cannot go on Dancing with the Stars. And it’s because, and I will say this with a mic in my hand and a smile on face, that Mike Fleiss is a piece of s***.” Bristowe then added, “He is the creator of The Bachelor, and he hates women.”

This isn’t the first time Bristowe has called out the Bachelor creator, either. People reports she tweeted in 2017 regarding a Dancing with the Stars offer, “Actually I was offered it, had the contract & Mike Fliess [sic] told me I wasn’t allowed. He said he didn’t want people wanting fame after his show.” To that, Mike responded, “@kaitlynbristowe has my total support if she wants to appear on DWTS!!!” and Bristowe fired back, “Thanks I’ll get right on that opportunity 2 yrs ago. I wonder what changed your mind?”

Bristowe shared her feelings of anxiety on Instagram

Bristowe’s comments regarding Mike are getting a ton of attention, and she certainly noticed. While she seemingly hasn’t made any direct comments about the situation after the podcast episode blew up, she did post this photo of herself to her Instagram with the caption, “I’ll have whatever wine pairs well with anxiety.”

Is her Instagram post about feeling anxious related to the sudden spike of interest regarding what’s going on with her and Mike? We’re not sure — and considering she’s spoken out about the creator in the past, it sounds like she’s probably OK with the attention her negative words might bring. Her fans are showing their support for Bristowe, too. As one follower commented on the Instagram post, “Caption is super relatable.” Another added, “God this caption is life.”

We’d love to see Bristowe on Dancing with the Stars in the future, so perhaps we’ll get our wish after all the drama!

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